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There’s no denying it – battery rickshaws are taking over the streets of India. From bustling metros to quiet towns, these silent workhorses are becoming ubiquitous. And the best part? People love them!
In previous posts, we’ve explored electric rickshaws’ benefits for passengers, drivers, and the environment.
But today, let’s shift gears and delve into a lesser-discussed model of e the rickshaw: E Loaders.
These rickshaws are specifically designed for cargo transportation, going beyond passenger service.

The Power of E-Loaders

E-Loaders offer a game-changing solution for small and medium businesses, with several advantages:

Efficient Maneuvering

The compact size and maneuverability of E-Loaders make them ideal for navigating narrow streets and congested areas, perfect for inner-city deliveries. This is especially beneficial for businesses that need to deliver goods in small batches but on a regular basis.

Superior Load Bearing Capacity

Electric loaders are becoming increasingly popular in many industries because of their advantages over traditional petrol or diesel-powered options. One of the most essential advantages is their superior load-bearing capacity.
When you have to deliver goods to a small market, man-pulling rickshaws are usually used, which take a lot of time and can not take more load.
Alternatively, an electric loader rickshaw can carry loads of up to one tonne, making it ideal for use in various settings, including construction sites, warehouses, and factories. This is significantly more than a traditional rickshaw can manage, meaning you can get your work done more quickly and efficiently.

Eco-Friendly Deliveries

E-Loaders eliminate the environmental impact of traditional fuel-powered vehicles, making deliveries greener and contributing to cleaner air.

Low Running Costs

Electric operation translates to significant savings on fuel compared to petrol or diesel vehicles. This allows businesses to keep operational costs down.

An electric loader is a battery-powered cargo carrier commonly used for transporting goods. Its rechargeable battery makes it a cost-effective option over time. However, selecting the right e-loader for your business can be challenging. That’s where we come in to assist you in making the best choice!

Consider the following factors before purchasing an electric loader:

Conduct Thorough Research

With numerous companies entering the battery-operated rickshaw and e-loader market, it’s crucial to investigate the brands and models available. Read online reviews and seek advice from others. Many manufacturers offer test drives, so take advantage of these opportunities to ensure the vehicle meets your needs and driving abilities.

Fast Charging

One of the best features you should look in loader is whether it support quick charging . Instead of waiting hours to finish charging, you can get it up and running quickly with rapid charging.


An e-loader battery sets each e-loader model from each other on the road. When looking to purchase an electric rickshaw or an e-loader, you should be sure that the brand is well-known and trustworthy. Choose a manufacturer that will give you a standard battery warranty.

Good Range

Even though electric rickshaws don’t require refueling, it’s essential to have a long-lasting battery to ensure the vehicle is ready whenever you need it. Select an e-loader with a durable and efficient battery life to maximize its usability.

The Future is Electric

Both passenger and Loader rickshaws powered by electricity represent a significant step forward for sustainable transportation in India. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs. Consider the market demand you’ll cater to (passengers vs. cargo) and the operational costs involved.


Electric loaders are in demand currently, so now is the best time to start searching for e-rickshaw loader prices in Chandigarh.

However, if you are unaware of the different loader models and the battery, you should choose to cover the maximum distance and contact our experts at Krishna Electric Vehicles. Our team has experience consulting and guiding several drivers in picking the ideal model. The next could be you, so visit now!


Local transportation has always been the most demanding, whether it’s in urban or rural areas.

And when we talk about local transport, how can we not discuss three-wheelers: Rickshaws!

Rickshaws have been part of our society for a very long, but now, with the advancement of time and the need for eco-friendly transportation options, CNG Piaggio Rickshaw has come to life!

Let’s understand Piaggio Rickshaw in Detail.

Piaggio Riksha

Piaggio is a big brand in the rickshaw industry. Even children can identify it by its famous yellow and green colour.
A brand’s popularity can be justified by its quality. Piaggio rickshaws run smoothly for years without requiring significant repairs and maintenance.
You can even extend the lifespan of your rickshaw, which means it can be your trusted employment partner.
Now the question arises: how can you extend the shelf life of the Piaggio riksha
Well, continue reading to get an answer to this question.

Steps to Increase the Lifespan of Your Rickshaw

Taking good care of an E-rickshaw is very important to its success. Proper preservation not only promises peak performance but also a long life. As an electric rickshaw owner, you must prioritise regular maintenance and adhere to best practices to ensure your vehicle’s continued success and reliability.
Moving forward, we will discuss the steps you should follow to prolong the lifespan of your rickshaw:

Proper Care

We all know things last when we use them as per the guidance and carefully. For instance, when you buy a phone, you get advice on how to use it carefully so that it runs for a long time, for instance you are asked not to overcharge your phone or use it while charging; this can impact its battery health. The same is true for your rickshaw; use it with care, and don’t harshly drive through the potholes on the road; it can expose it to tyre damage or dents from collision and more.

Perform Regular self-checks

Frequent inspections are essential to spotting problems early and avoiding expensive replacements or repairs. Examine the engine for indications of corrosion, damage, or loose connections. Make sure the engine’s parts are also corrosion-free and clean. Regular engine performance checks allow you to prevent problems from arising.

Regular Maintenance

Regular and efficient maintenance is pivotal in enhancing your e-rickshaw’s overall performance. That is why routine inspections are recommended to maximise the vehicle’s efficiency. So once you find any issue during the regular inspection, don’t delay by saying the problem is not big or it is not creating any problem, just to save money for that particular time.

The truth is that in the long term, it will be more expensive to repair. So, timely maintenance is crucial. It provides a greater driving range, making your rickshaw more efficient and economical.

Limit Heavy Load

The rickshaw model you have purchased comes with a sitting capacity if it is a passenger rickshaw or a load capacity if it is a loading rickshaw. The moment you start loading more weight, your vehicle slowly and steadily puts more pressure on the engine, which will decrease its life, so make sure you put weight on your vehicle wisely.

Store Properly When not in Use

We often hear the vehicle was not in use for a long time, and now it is not working. No, just that the way you store your vehicle after use is essential; after the day, once you bring the vehicle home, cover it adequately and keep it in a place.

Caring is the best cure for any issue, whether human health or the rickshaw. Above, we tried to provide you with a few steps to help you increase your rickshaw’s shelf life. We hope you remember to keep your vehicles current by following the above-mentioned tips.


Three-wheeler is one of the most affordable and demanding opportunities for those planning for self-employment.
You can choose between Electric Riksha or CNG; both have their benefits you would love.
Whatever option you choose, contact our experts at Krishna Electric Vehicles to get guidance from experts who will be with you through the buying process and make things easy to understand for you!


How many rickshaws do you see running on the streets? Uncountable, right? How many of them are Piaggio Riksha? Your answer would be most of it.
Well, the popularity of Piaggio is undeniable; it is a brand that people trust when it comes to investing.
So, if you are also planning to buy a rickshaw to start your journey toward a better future, Piaggio is the best option.
Let’s understand about this in detail.

Piaggio Rickshaw

In India, Piaggio is the market leader in the three-wheeler segment. Their models are equipped with robust construction and potent engines that satisfy every criterion of safety. Piaggio three-wheeler models are the optimal option for public transportation and urban transportation operations due to their dependability and accessibility to customers.
Following are the different models of Piaggio Riksha that you can buy:

  • Piaggio Ape City Plus
  • Apé Xtra HD 599 cc diesel
  • Apé Xtra Classic 435 cc diesel
  • Apé Xtra HT
  • Apé Auto 599 cc diesel
  • Apé Auto Classic 435 cc diesel
  • Apé Auto HT CNG

Among all the models, Piaggio Ape City Plus is one of the most popular. Let’s understand this in detail to know why people love it:

Technical Specification


  • Forced Air Cooled Engine
  • Max Power: 6.84 kW (9.17 hp) @ 4700 rpm
  • Max Torque: 17 Nm @ 2300 rpm


  • Clutch Type: Multi Plate Wet Type
  • Gear Box: Constant Mesh
  • Gear: 4 Forward, 1 Reverse


  • Front: Helical Compression Spring with Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber
  • Rear: Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber With Rubber Compression Spring with dampener


  • GVW: 780 kg
  • Kerb Weight: 80 kg
  • Seating Capacity: Driver + 3


  • Maximum Gradeability: 24%
  • Fuel Tank Capacity CNG: 40 Ltr.
  • Maximum Speed: 60 Km/h


  • Handle Bar Type

    • A hydraulically operated drum brake with an internal expanding shoe

    Though the features of Piaggio BSVI Ape City Plus are outstanding, one question might still come to your mind: When electric vehicles revolutionize local travel, why should you pick CNG rickshaw?

    Well, your question is valid; let’s discuss this in detail to get a better understanding.

    Reasons to Choose Piaggio CNG Rickshaw

    While both Piaggio CNG and electric rickshaws offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional rickshaws, Piaggio CNG comes out on top for several reasons:

    • Range and Refueling: Electric rickshaws have a limited range on a single charge, requiring frequent stops for recharging. On the other hand, Piaggio CNG boasts a greater range because the CNG stations are easily available, allowing drivers to travel farther without worrying about running out of power.
    • Faster Refueling: Refilling a CNG tank takes just minutes compared to electric rickshaws, which can take hours to recharge. All you require is to visit your nearby gas station and fill it. It helps minimise downtime and maximise your earning potential.
    • Upfront Cost: Electric rickshaws often have a higher initial price than Piaggio CNG vehicles. While electric rickshaws may save on fuel costs in the long run, the upfront investment can be a significant barrier.
    • Power and Performance: Piaggio CNG offers superior power and performance compared to electric rickshaws. This can be crucial for navigating busy streets or handling inclines.

    In addition to the various factors influencing perceptions of electric vehicles, it’s important to recognize that not everyone holds unwavering trust in this technology. While not universal, this scepticism is significant for a subset of individuals.
    Among them, there is still scepticism about fully adopting electric vehicles. This anxiety is frequently spread by a handful of widely held falsehoods in public discourse. These fallacies, whether about range anxiety, charging infrastructure, or environmental impact, lead to confusion and scepticism among some members of the public.


    Choosing Piaggio Ricksha might completely transform your life. It will provide you with a steady stream of income, which will improve your financial situation.

    So, stop wasting time to reach the aforesaid decision. We have already discussed the rationale for our choice of Piaggio.

    Additionally, you may speak with professionals from Krishna Electric Vehicle for more information about the model and cost. Before making recommendations, they will carefully consider your queries and worries.


    Are you planning to buy an electric rickshaw, but are unsure where or which model to choose?
    Well, you are not alone; many other people are juggling with the same questions.
    We don’t want you to struggle to get answers to your doubts, so we have compiled this blog. In it, we will list the best modesl you can choose and also the steps to find the right dealer in your area.
    So, are you ready?
    Let’s start!

    How To Choose The Right Electric Rickshaw Model?

    While we plan, things seem easy, but when it comes to execution, the real struggle starts.
    When you go to a showroom to buy an electric rickshaw, you realise there are so many options, which puts you in the dilemma of which one to use.
    Sometimes, people come back without buying because they get confused.
    Well, you can avoid this solution by following an expert’s suggestion, or if you can’t find someone who can guide you, this article can become your natural guide.
    We have listed a few of the best options for you to choose from, but before we proceed, we will discuss some key aspects that will help you make the right decision.

    Types of E-Rickshaws

    Passenger E-Rickshaws

    These are primarily utilised for short trips within cities and are intended to carry passengers.

    Cargo E-Rickshaw

    These are designed for transporting goods and are equipped with spacious cargo compartments. They are Ideal for businesses that require to transport a few items on a regular basis.

    Consider Your Purpose

    Once you decide what you want, suppose you want a passenger rickshaw, the next decision-making step comes.

    Electric rickshaws have different seating capacities, so decide whether you want a 4-seater, 6-seater, or above. Your decision will help you find the model of e-rickshaw that best suits your needs.

    List of Top E-Rickshaws

    Electric Rickshaw  Price 
    Mayuri  Starts from 1.02 Lakh
    Piaggio Ape e-city Starts from 3.25 Lakh 
    Mahindra Treo Starts from 1.96 Lakh 
    Bajaj Starts From  2.34 Lakh
    Atul Elite Plus Starts From 1.12 Lakh

    The above-listed prices can vary depending on the brand and the seating capacity. For instance, the Mayuri E Riksha Price for a 4-seater will be different, and the price will be different if you select a 6-seater.

    After knowing the best brands and their prices, let’s dive into the second step of choosing a trustworthy dealer.

    Steps to Follow When Searching for Dealer in Chandigarh

    As we all know, the popularity of electric rickshaws is at its peak and is willing to rise only.
    With immense popularity, demand rises, and so do the service providers.
    But sometimes, finding a reliable dealer among the crowd can be challenging.
    But you don’t need to worry because we are here with the steps that you follow. You will meet the team that helps you choose the rickshaw and assists you with financing!

    • Experience: When it comes to experience, most people think those in business are more experienced. But that’s not the entire truth. Experience comes with suitable skills and teamwork. So, list a few dealers who have been in business for at least 7-8 years, and then compare their prices and other services.
    • Check Reviews: In today’s world, everyone has an online presence, which enables customers to visit their websites and learn about their offerings. Additionally, businesses are listed on Google, where you can find a page to write about your experience with the company. This can be the best place to find out what people say about the dealer and whether they are happy with the products they offer.
    • Visit Store: A single visit to the showroom can tell you a lot about the dealers. See how they greet their customers and guide them. If possible, ask other buyers about their experience.


    We hope this blog helps you make the right choice and wish you success as you start your business. If you need the assistance of experts while searching for E Rickshaw Price in Chandigarh to start your journey toward success, contact our expert team at Krishna Electic Vehicle. Our team will help you clear your doubts and ease your worries.

    Chandigarh is known for its clean and green environment because of its smart and sustainable transportation options. Residents are now more concerned about their city’s air quality and commute experiences. They are now looking for clean and efficient modes of transportation, which is where electric vehicles come into play!

    These vehicles, such as electric rickshaws, are a popular solution to issues like traffic congestion, efficiency, pollution, and costs.

    They are designed to meet the growing demand and offer benefits such as cost savings, comfortable driving, and improved safety and stability.

    The question is, how can you earn more with electric rikshas while also promoting sustainability in Chandigarh? Let’s find out!

    Traditional autos vs Electric Rikshas in Chandigarh

    We can’t commute by bus or train everywhere, which is why the invention of autos was necessary. However, since traditional autos used to rely on petrol and gas, this has led to increasing fare charges for passengers, pollution problems, increased costs for drivers, and so on. However, as the advancement in technology is rising at a rapid rate, so is the Indian transportation sector.

    Let’s look at traditional autos’ limitations first before moving further in this blog post.

    • High fuel costs: Such high costs can result in increased operational expenses, leading to lower profits and leaving your wallet with little savings!
    • Maintenance requirements: Traditional vehicles need regular maintenance and repairs, causing interruptions and unforeseen costs.
    • Pollution contribution: Air pollution in Chandigarh can create problems for its residents and even tarnish the city’s image as a “clean and green city.”

    Benefits of switching to electric rikshas in Chandigarh

    1. Lower operational costs:

      Using electric rickshaws instead of petrol can save money on operational costs. Additionally, e-rickshaws need very little maintenance to ensure continuous operation.

    2. Environmentally-friendly solution:

      By using e-rickshaws, which do not produce harmful gases, you can contribute to making Chandigarh a more sustainable and cleaner city.

    3. Good source of earning:

      E-rickshaws provide a cost-effective way to earn money and are easy to manoeuvre, making them a great option for navigating the busy streets of Chandigarh.

    4. Easily move through narrow streets:

      Their compact size allows them to easily move through the city’s narrow lanes, thereby making them ideal for Chandigarh’s diverse network.

    5. There are many other potential benefits of picking e rickshaws over traditional autos. Have a look at our blog section, where you can get more information about the same.

      Next, let’s talk about how e rikshas in Chandigarh can enhance your earnings.

    How do you start your own e-rickshaw business?

    Are you looking for a way to improve your financial situation as an e-rickshaw driver? Here’s how you can get started!

    1. Buy an e rickshaw:

      If you have a driving licence, then half of your stress is gone! All you need to do is buy an e-rickshaw and get moving! Earn at your own time, get a break whenever you need to, and keep it going just like that!

    2. Take a dealership:

      If you don’t want to ride the e-rickshaw by yourself but still want to invest in this business, then getting a dealership from Krishna Electric Vehicles can be your right choice. Visit our store for more information.

    3. Upgrade your e rickshaw:

      Consider upgrading and making it more eco-friendly by trading it in for a modern e-rickshaw in Chandigarh. This city supports sustainable practices, so by making this switch, you can contribute to the environment while still earning a living.

    4. Rent and earn:

      If you are already working but still want to earn an additional income, then why not rent your e-rickshaw to drivers weekly or monthly? This way, you can earn more while still not worrying about managing your time on two jobs.

    5. Other registrations and permit are required to operate an Electric Riksha in Chandigarh. Be sure to inquire about these before investing.

    An individual has to juggle working long hours while providing their families with a good livelihood. All of this can be handled easily if you know how to earn income from electric vehicles. Getting an e-rickshaw from Krishna Electric Vehicles provides you with the ease of living a good life and lets you enjoy the perk of being an e-rickshaw driver, whether male or female, by investing very little.

    So, it’s time to overcome the adverse circumstances and focus more on the positive action you can take by getting an e-rickshaw because of its various benefits. Join the league now!

    Electric rickshaws have become the favourite choice for many people who need to travel short distances. Recently, when we were collecting data about E rickshaws and asked a person what he would prefer to reach a nearby market, a bike or a Mayuri Grand E-Rickshaw, he instantly answered, rickshaw.

    We asked why. He replied:

    • It’s convenient
    • Easily available
    • Run Silently
    • The ride is soothing and more

    Now you can imagine the popularity and love rickshaws are getting from people in India.

    The exciting part is its popularity and demand, which will only increase. This means this is the right time for those planning to do something and invest in it.


    Why are we saying so?

    Read on to know!

    • It’s Easy to Buy a Rickshaw:

      When buying a vehicle, we always think it might be costly, how we would be able to buy it, and so on. But this is not the scenario with electric rickshaws. Unlike petrol & diesel-running rickshaws, buying an E-rickshaw business requires a lower initial investment. Moreover, with proper management, the potential for high returns is significant.

    • A Silent Revolution:

      Unlike their gasoline-powered counterparts, E-rickshaws operate silently. This translates to a more peaceful and pleasant experience for both passengers and pedestrians. Imagine bustling city streets transformed into a quieter, more serene environment.

    • Smooth Sailing:

      Do you remember those days of bumpy commutes in traditional rickshaws? Well, you might be because those rickshaws were around for quite a long time, but their driving experience was not good for passengers. E-rickshaws offer a smoother ride, making short trips more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether it’s a quick errand or a visit to a friend, E-rickshaws ensure a pleasant journey.

    • Be Your Boss:

      Everyone wants to work under someone in a pressurized environment, no one. The good news is you now have the option to become your own boss, that too in a tight budget. You have your vehicle. It’s up to you to become your boss and enjoy the freedom of owning your own business. Set your hours and chart your course to success!

    • Eco-Friendly Choice:

      Since rickshaws are powered by electricity, as their name implies, no hazardous gases are released into the atmosphere.

      For this reason, it has a beneficial effect on the environment. E-rickshaws are a cleaner, more environmentally friendly transportation that will help create a greener future.

    • Relief from Excessive Fuel Prices:

      What is the most common complaint you hear from vehicle owners? They worry about the rising price of petrol, right? Well, the concern is true! Yes, the worry is valid! People seek ways to save money in the high-priced market because gasoline costs rise, and diesel prices follow suit. An excellent substitute to lower gasoline costs is electric cars. One of the key justifications for encouraging electric cars is this.

    • Simplified Documentation:

      Compared to traditional vehicles, E-rickshaws may require less complex paperwork for purchase and operation. This streamlined process makes getting your business up and running easier, allowing you to focus on what matters most – serving your customers.

    • A Pleasant Driving Experience:

      E-rickshaws aren’t just comfortable for passengers but also enjoyable to drive! Their compact size and manoeuvrability make them perfect for navigating busy city streets. Additionally, the electric motor provides a smooth and quiet ride, reducing driver fatigue.

    Summary: Electric Rickshaws have changed the lives of many who were not doing anything earlier but are now earning good and fulfilling their family needs. You could be the next, so Contact our experts at Krishna Electric Vehicles to help you choose the perfect Electric Rickshaw in Chandigarh based on your budget. Not only that, our experts help you with every bit of detail you might be shy to ask your dealer.

    Electric rickshaws provide convenience to those who want to travel short distances. The simple and lightweight framework of e-riksha makes it easy for drivers to manoeuvre it on busy roads. Also, passengers stay comfortable during the ride. So we can say the electric tuk-tuk is a gem for both the passengers and the person driving it.

    However, while taking the e-rickshaw from one place to another, it is important for drivers to maintain proper safety. So, how do you enjoy the journey on an electric rickshaw with full safety?

    To find out, keep on reading further as we will discuss some easy safety tips that you can implement for preventing any mishappenings while being on the road.

    Maximise Safety On the Road With E- Rickshaw With These 5 Tips

    1. Avoid distractions

      One of the common distractions for anyone driving on the road has become a mobile phone. Whether it is texting or attending calls, these actions can divert your eyes and mind from the road. Also, eating food, engaging too much in conversation with passengers or fiddling with the radio can distract you from driving. Being distracted means you won’t have any knowledge of what’s happening around you. Whether it is accelerating the pedal when lights are green or suddenly hitting the brakes, you won’t be able to do it on time when you are distracted. So make sure that you avoid any directions while driving Battery Wala Auto Rickshaw in Maloya to avoid clashing with other vehicles.

    2. Say no to overspeeding

      Overspeeding is one of the major reasons for accidents on roads. While you would want the passengers to reach on time at their destination, this doesn’t mean that you should go beyond the speed limit. Driving at high speed in busy areas can make it difficult to stop or slow down the electric riksha suddenly. It is for the safety of everyone only that speed limits are set, so the driver should make it a duty to adhere to them.

    3. Do not overload the e-rickshaw

      Different electric rickshaws have different passenger loading capacities. Generally, you can fit 3-4 passengers easily in an e-rickshaw. Battery-operated rickshaw drivers may, however, attempt to accommodate more passengers than recommended. Exceeding the weight capacity means that you are putting yourself and the passengers at risk. There is a certain number of people you can welcome in an e-rickshaw. Going beyond that number will make your driving complicated. You won’t be able to handle the electric rickshaw which would result in the vehicle losing balance on the road.

    4. Proper maintenance

      In order to ensure that your electric rickshaw performs at its best with full safety you need to keep a check on its components. Ensure to inspect the brake system, tyres, lights and other other important parts. On detecting any malfunctioning in any component immediately take your e-riksha to the service center.

    5. Guidance to passengers

      Sometimes the people riding the e-rickshaw may forget about following proper safety protocols. But your duty as a driver is to keep a check on passenger’s safety. See if the passengers seat themselves properly before you start the journey. Also, make sure to check that every passenger’s arms and legs are inside the electric rickshaw.

    6. Maintain safe distance

      The roads of India can become a little congested at times. When there is traffic usually drivers forget to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle at the back and front. But a distance of at least two seconds is a must as it can prevent any chance of collisions.

    7. Be cautious at night

      During the night time, as the visibility decreases, the chances of accidents may increase if you are not vigilant enough. To drive safely during the night, you should keep the headlights and tail lights on at the right moment. Also, in case you are feeling sleepy, then it is better to go home and rest as while driving, you may never know when you doze off.


    By following the tips mentioned above, you can keep your and passengers’ safety at the top. Apart from these tips for ensuring safety starts with investing in reliable e-rickshaws. Our Mayuri range provides electric rickshaws that are ICAT-approved. The Indian Centre for Automotive Technology is a prestigious testing agency established by the government. Any vehicle that this agency approves means that it complies with rules and standards set by the government for manufacturing e-rickshaws. So by choosing us you are getting yourself the e-riksha that provides performance and safety. Contact us for the best electric riksha price in Naya Gaon.

    In India, there is a growing trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles, with e-rickshaws leading the charge. These electric-powered vehicles are not only environmentally friendly but also provide a practical and cost-effective means of getting around busy city centres.

    As the popularity of eco-friendly electric rickshaw in Panchkula grows, more and more individuals are becoming proud owners of these sustainable rides. However, the journey doesn’t end with the purchase. To guarantee a successful and profitable experience, the new e-rickshaw drivers must consider the factors that they must consider after buying these eco-friendly modes of transport.

    In this blog post, we will discuss some important considerations to keep in mind after getting an e-rickshaw from a reputable dealer, optimizing its performance, and ensuring a smooth and successful ride toward a more environmentally friendly future.

    So, let’s dive in now!

    Top things you must know as a new e rickshaw driver

    The battery-operated, three-wheeled vehicle is a form of public transportation that is making wonders in India. While few are still using traditional rickshaws despite their limitations, many have joined this eco-friendly revolution.

    Congratulations to you too, if you are a part of it.

    Owning an e-rickshaw is a great way to be your boss, contribute to clean air, and navigate the busy streets of Chandigarh and Panchkula. But before you hit the road, here are the top 5 things every new e-rickshaw driver in these challenging areas should know:

    1. Know the rules of the road:

      To operate an electric riksha in Chandigarh, drivers must have a valid LMV license and a specific permit for e-rickshaws. It is important to follow traffic regulations, such as speed limit and parking rules. Ensuring passenger safety is crucial to maintaining the vehicle’s condition, avoiding overloading, and following designated passenger limits.

    2. Ensure safety:

      To ensure safety, it is important to have reflectors and indicators on all sides of your e-rickshaw, as well as functioning turn indicators. Bright headlights and taillights are necessary for nighttime visibility and should be checked and replaced as needed. A loud horn is also essential for alerting others on the road.

    3. Maximize your earnings:

      To be successful in your e-rickshaw business in Chandigarh, it is essential to understand market demand by identifying popular areas for pick-ups and drop-offs. Providing a comfortable and clean ride, offering convenient amenities like phone charging options and maintaining a friendly attitude towards customers can help build a loyal customer base. Utilizing technology such as ride-hailing apps designed for e-rickshaws can also help expand your customer reach and make operations more efficient.

    4. Build your network:

      Establish connections with other e-rickshaw drivers in Panchkula and Chandigarh to exchange information, share tips on optimal routes, and offer mutual assistance while on the road. Additionally, it is beneficial to become a member of driver associations to receive support, advocate for driver rights, and stay informed about any regulatory updates.

    5. Charged up:

      Make sure to keep your electric vehicle charged by knowing where charging stations are located and planning your routes accordingly. Take care of your battery by avoiding deep discharges and extreme temperatures, and use a high-quality charger following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

    6. Promote yourself:

      To safely promote yourself, consider investing in a well-designed sign for your e-rickshaw that clearly shows your rates and contact details. This can help attract customers who see you on the road. Make sure to place the sign in a location to avoid blocking your view or causing safety concerns.

    7. Giveback to the community:

      Think of some ways through which you can positively contribute to the community through your e-rickshaw. Provide discounted rides to senior citizens, students, or healthcare workers. Collaborate with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for special events or campaigns to raise awareness. By fostering goodwill within the community, you can experience long-term advantages and attract more riders.

    By adhering to these essential guidelines, you are all set to embark on a prosperous and sustainable career as an e-rickshaw driver in Chandigarh or Panchkula. Thus, your main purpose is to have essential knowledge not only before you go out to buy e rickshaw but also look at some of the important considerations you can take after you buy it.

    Thus, get in touch with us today to buy an e-rickshaw now!

    E Rickshaw Battery Wala in Chandigarh

    Battery-operated rickshaws are becoming a popular means of short-distance travel. Its market sector seems promising as it is rising at a rapid rate. However many people might feel hesitant when it comes to investing in electric rickshaws.

    There are myths about electric rickshaws that people might assume are true. Believing false assumptions can put doubts in their mind regarding the reliability of e-rickshaws.

    So, in this blog, we will bust the myths that revolve around the battery-operated rickshaw clearly.

    Cracking 5 Common Myths About E-rickshaws

    1. Complex to handle
    2. Many assume that electric rickshaws are complex to operate and maintain. This is mainly because people usually think that the latest technology is complicated. But actually, e-rickshaws are easy to operate and maintain. After charging for a few hours the e-rickshaw will run for a long duration. The maintenance is quite affordable because of its few moving parts.

    3. Damage due to waterlogging
    4. One of the most common misconceptions about battery-operated rickshaws is that moisture can easily damage them. Most E-rickshaws consist of batteries that have an IP67 rating. This rating on e-rickshaws means that they won’t get damaged by being in contact with water for some time. Also, the battery has multiple protection layers, which prevent the ingress of water. So, we can say that during the monsoon season, you don’t have to worry about the water damage that can happen to electric rickshaws.

    5. E-rickshaws are costly
    6. The cost of acquiring an electric rickshaw is a bit more than gasoline operated autos. However this one investment will later save a lot of your money in the future. How? The reason being that as these three-wheelers operate on the battery, you don’t need to worry about the rising prices of petrol or diesel. Moreover, the electric rikshas are built with a lot of care, so with proper maintenance, they won’t require frequent visits to the service station. Additionally, one thing that you can do to stay within your budget is to do proper research. By browsing for E Rickshaw Price in Mohali and Chandigarh, you will come across many brands. Make a list, do a comparison, and at least choose the one that fulfils your requirements while being under your budget.

    7. Few models to pick from
    8. Electric rickshaws have come into existence recently, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a variety. There are a lot of models in e-rickshaws that are available that have come with their own unique features. And the best part about the various models of electric rickshaws? They all come in modern and stylish designs.

    9. Electric rickshaws are slow
    10. The battery-operated rickshaws are not sluggish but rather provide great acceleration. Many of these three-wheelers can cover up to 100 km easily after being optimally charged. The e-riksha’s motor provides instant torque to the vehicle, resulting in instant acceleration.

    Now that we know that the myths about electric rickshaws are not true, you can, without any hesitation, invest in them. While looking for E Rickshaw Battery Wala in Chandigarh you should know about certain things. Let us see what you need to keep in mind before starting your search for an e-rickshaw so that you are able to acquire the perfect one without any hassle:

    Factors To Keep In Mind While Looking For An Electric Rickshaw

    • ICAT approval: The most crucial thing you need to check before purchasing an electric riksha model is that the Indian Centre for Automotive Technology approves it. The approval from ICAT means that the particular e-rickshaw is safe to drive and is of high quality.
    • Payment options: If you are someone with a constrained budget then look for a company that provides flexibility in the payment. Purchasing an electric riksha from a company that provides EMI options will not shake up your bank balance. You can, with a reasonable amount of downpayment, get the battery-operated rickshaw and pay the remaining amount in instalments.
    • Reputable e-rickshaw dealer: Choose a company that can provide assurance in their vehicles. You can ensure whether the electric rickshaw provider you are choosing is reliable by checking the previous customer’s reviews.

    Now that you know that the common conceptions about e-rickshaws are not true and how you can successfully invest in them, there is no time to waste. You can get the electric rickshaw that elevates your livelihood by contacting us now.

    At a rapid rate we can see how electric rickshaws are replacing the standard autos. Well the regular autos have been a major part of everyday travel. So why this change from traditional auto to electric rickshaw?

    The major reason for this transition is that battery-operated rickshaws offer more advantages compared to gasoline-operated autos. But what makes the e-rickshaw better?

    The answer lies in how the electric riksha operates. The composition of the electric rickshaw is quite different from the regular auto. This vehicle excellently overcomes the shortcomings of petrol and diesel autos. The e-rickshaw offers numerous benefits to both passengers and the owner.

    Let us see in detail what are the different components of electric rickshaws that make it such a trending choice.

    Primary Components Of The Electric Rickshaw

    Electric rickshaws have a much lighter and more compact framework compared to regular auto. Most of the e-rickshaws can easily fit 3-4 passengers. The three-wheeler e-riksha can cover long distances seamlessly. It offers better functionality and comfort thanks to innovative features.

    Here are some major components of an electric rickshaw that make a top vehicle:

    • Battery
    • Unlike conventional autos powered by diesel or petrol, the e-rickshaw runs on battery. The batteries commonly used in electric rickshaws are made from lead acid or lithium-ion. With proper maintenance, the battery can last for 2-3 years.

    • Motor
    • The e-rickshaw contains an electric motor that one can power with a battery. The motor converts the electrical energy from the battery to mechanical energy. This energy helps in the movement of wheels. The design and size of the motor decide the maximum speed of the vehicle.

    • Charger
    • Most electric rickshaw dealers provide a charger along with the e-rickshaw. While looking for an E Rickshaw Dealer in Chandigarh, ensure that they provide an SMPS charger. The reason? The smart power supply charger protects the battery from any voltage fluctuations.

    • Controller
    • It manages the electrical system in the electric rickshaw. This component controls the electrical flow from the battery to the motor, which helps in controlling speed, torque and overall performance. The controller receives the input from the accelerator pedal and adjusts the output from the motor accordingly.

      The above-mentioned are the essential components of the e-rickshaw. But how do these components make an electric rickshaw overall a better pick than a traditional rickshaw?

      To know the answer keep on reading further.

    How Is E-rickshaw Design And Construction Effective?

    The electric rickshaw was manufactured to solve the problems of today’s society. Environmental degradation, employment-related issues and the need for comfortable travel, the e-rickshaw targets all these issues. Let us see how:

    1. Preservation of the environment:

      The electric riksha fights the issue of air and noise pollution. As it runs on battery, the vehicle does not emit any harmful emissions. Also, it does not operate by making loud sounds, so it maintains a peaceful atmosphere. One more notable thing about the battery-operated rickshaw is that it does not operate on gasoline, so it helps preserve the essential and limited fuel.

    2. Opportunity for earning income:

      Operating an electric rickshaw doesn’t require a special skill set. So, anyone with a license and necessary documents can drive this vehicle. The operating and maintenance costs of the e-rickshaw are not much, so one has a considerable amount of income left even after all the expenses.

    3. Perfect business idea:

      The e-rickshaw is one of the top business ideas in current times. The reason is that it doesn’t require heavy investment, and the returns on it are amazing. You don’t even need to spare a lot of time to run the business. Majorly, you will have to purchase the electric rickshaws and rent them. Occasionally, you will need to take the e-rickshaws to the service centre for its maintenance. Overall, investing in electric rickshaws is profitable by seeing its demand and popularity.

    4. Comfortable riding experience:

      The electric rickshaw’s framework and construction maximize the comfort of both passengers and the driver. It is spacious enough so that people can sit with ease. Also, many e-rickshaws come with additional features to make them more efficient.

    Conclusion: We can say that e-rickshaw’s primary parts and their functioning make it superior to gasoline autos. If you also want to enjoy the benefits of e-rickshaw, then invest in Mayuri Grand Electric Rickshaw. It is the top electric rickshaw choice because we have built it with perfection by using quality components. So contact us now for more information about the Mayuri Grand E Rickshaw Price.


    By knowing the different ways the Mayuri Grand electric rickshaw can benefit you, we can conclude investing in it is worth it. If you are ready to uplift your standard of living, then invest in the Mayuri e-rickshaw from Krishna Electric Vehicle. So contact us now to get started.