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There’s no denying it – battery rickshaws are taking over the streets of India. From bustling metros to quiet towns, these silent workhorses are becoming ubiquitous. And the best part? People love them!
In previous posts, we’ve explored electric rickshaws’ benefits for passengers, drivers, and the environment.
But today, let’s shift gears and delve into a lesser-discussed model of e the rickshaw: E Loaders.
These rickshaws are specifically designed for cargo transportation, going beyond passenger service.

The Power of E-Loaders

E-Loaders offer a game-changing solution for small and medium businesses, with several advantages:

Efficient Maneuvering

The compact size and maneuverability of E-Loaders make them ideal for navigating narrow streets and congested areas, perfect for inner-city deliveries. This is especially beneficial for businesses that need to deliver goods in small batches but on a regular basis.

Superior Load Bearing Capacity

Electric loaders are becoming increasingly popular in many industries because of their advantages over traditional petrol or diesel-powered options. One of the most essential advantages is their superior load-bearing capacity.
When you have to deliver goods to a small market, man-pulling rickshaws are usually used, which take a lot of time and can not take more load.
Alternatively, an electric loader rickshaw can carry loads of up to one tonne, making it ideal for use in various settings, including construction sites, warehouses, and factories. This is significantly more than a traditional rickshaw can manage, meaning you can get your work done more quickly and efficiently.

Eco-Friendly Deliveries

E-Loaders eliminate the environmental impact of traditional fuel-powered vehicles, making deliveries greener and contributing to cleaner air.

Low Running Costs

Electric operation translates to significant savings on fuel compared to petrol or diesel vehicles. This allows businesses to keep operational costs down.

An electric loader is a battery-powered cargo carrier commonly used for transporting goods. Its rechargeable battery makes it a cost-effective option over time. However, selecting the right e-loader for your business can be challenging. That’s where we come in to assist you in making the best choice!

Consider the following factors before purchasing an electric loader:

Conduct Thorough Research

With numerous companies entering the battery-operated rickshaw and e-loader market, it’s crucial to investigate the brands and models available. Read online reviews and seek advice from others. Many manufacturers offer test drives, so take advantage of these opportunities to ensure the vehicle meets your needs and driving abilities.

Fast Charging

One of the best features you should look in loader is whether it support quick charging . Instead of waiting hours to finish charging, you can get it up and running quickly with rapid charging.


An e-loader battery sets each e-loader model from each other on the road. When looking to purchase an electric rickshaw or an e-loader, you should be sure that the brand is well-known and trustworthy. Choose a manufacturer that will give you a standard battery warranty.

Good Range

Even though electric rickshaws don’t require refueling, it’s essential to have a long-lasting battery to ensure the vehicle is ready whenever you need it. Select an e-loader with a durable and efficient battery life to maximize its usability.

The Future is Electric

Both passenger and Loader rickshaws powered by electricity represent a significant step forward for sustainable transportation in India. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs. Consider the market demand you’ll cater to (passengers vs. cargo) and the operational costs involved.


Electric loaders are in demand currently, so now is the best time to start searching for e-rickshaw loader prices in Chandigarh.

However, if you are unaware of the different loader models and the battery, you should choose to cover the maximum distance and contact our experts at Krishna Electric Vehicles. Our team has experience consulting and guiding several drivers in picking the ideal model. The next could be you, so visit now!


Local transportation has always been the most demanding, whether it’s in urban or rural areas.

And when we talk about local transport, how can we not discuss three-wheelers: Rickshaws!

Rickshaws have been part of our society for a very long, but now, with the advancement of time and the need for eco-friendly transportation options, CNG Piaggio Rickshaw has come to life!

Let’s understand Piaggio Rickshaw in Detail.

Piaggio Riksha

Piaggio is a big brand in the rickshaw industry. Even children can identify it by its famous yellow and green colour.
A brand’s popularity can be justified by its quality. Piaggio rickshaws run smoothly for years without requiring significant repairs and maintenance.
You can even extend the lifespan of your rickshaw, which means it can be your trusted employment partner.
Now the question arises: how can you extend the shelf life of the Piaggio riksha
Well, continue reading to get an answer to this question.

Steps to Increase the Lifespan of Your Rickshaw

Taking good care of an E-rickshaw is very important to its success. Proper preservation not only promises peak performance but also a long life. As an electric rickshaw owner, you must prioritise regular maintenance and adhere to best practices to ensure your vehicle’s continued success and reliability.
Moving forward, we will discuss the steps you should follow to prolong the lifespan of your rickshaw:

Proper Care

We all know things last when we use them as per the guidance and carefully. For instance, when you buy a phone, you get advice on how to use it carefully so that it runs for a long time, for instance you are asked not to overcharge your phone or use it while charging; this can impact its battery health. The same is true for your rickshaw; use it with care, and don’t harshly drive through the potholes on the road; it can expose it to tyre damage or dents from collision and more.

Perform Regular self-checks

Frequent inspections are essential to spotting problems early and avoiding expensive replacements or repairs. Examine the engine for indications of corrosion, damage, or loose connections. Make sure the engine’s parts are also corrosion-free and clean. Regular engine performance checks allow you to prevent problems from arising.

Regular Maintenance

Regular and efficient maintenance is pivotal in enhancing your e-rickshaw’s overall performance. That is why routine inspections are recommended to maximise the vehicle’s efficiency. So once you find any issue during the regular inspection, don’t delay by saying the problem is not big or it is not creating any problem, just to save money for that particular time.

The truth is that in the long term, it will be more expensive to repair. So, timely maintenance is crucial. It provides a greater driving range, making your rickshaw more efficient and economical.

Limit Heavy Load

The rickshaw model you have purchased comes with a sitting capacity if it is a passenger rickshaw or a load capacity if it is a loading rickshaw. The moment you start loading more weight, your vehicle slowly and steadily puts more pressure on the engine, which will decrease its life, so make sure you put weight on your vehicle wisely.

Store Properly When not in Use

We often hear the vehicle was not in use for a long time, and now it is not working. No, just that the way you store your vehicle after use is essential; after the day, once you bring the vehicle home, cover it adequately and keep it in a place.

Caring is the best cure for any issue, whether human health or the rickshaw. Above, we tried to provide you with a few steps to help you increase your rickshaw’s shelf life. We hope you remember to keep your vehicles current by following the above-mentioned tips.


Three-wheeler is one of the most affordable and demanding opportunities for those planning for self-employment.
You can choose between Electric Riksha or CNG; both have their benefits you would love.
Whatever option you choose, contact our experts at Krishna Electric Vehicles to get guidance from experts who will be with you through the buying process and make things easy to understand for you!


Are you planning to buy an electric rickshaw, but are unsure where or which model to choose?
Well, you are not alone; many other people are juggling with the same questions.
We don’t want you to struggle to get answers to your doubts, so we have compiled this blog. In it, we will list the best modesl you can choose and also the steps to find the right dealer in your area.
So, are you ready?
Let’s start!

How To Choose The Right Electric Rickshaw Model?

While we plan, things seem easy, but when it comes to execution, the real struggle starts.
When you go to a showroom to buy an electric rickshaw, you realise there are so many options, which puts you in the dilemma of which one to use.
Sometimes, people come back without buying because they get confused.
Well, you can avoid this solution by following an expert’s suggestion, or if you can’t find someone who can guide you, this article can become your natural guide.
We have listed a few of the best options for you to choose from, but before we proceed, we will discuss some key aspects that will help you make the right decision.

Types of E-Rickshaws

Passenger E-Rickshaws

These are primarily utilised for short trips within cities and are intended to carry passengers.

Cargo E-Rickshaw

These are designed for transporting goods and are equipped with spacious cargo compartments. They are Ideal for businesses that require to transport a few items on a regular basis.

Consider Your Purpose

Once you decide what you want, suppose you want a passenger rickshaw, the next decision-making step comes.

Electric rickshaws have different seating capacities, so decide whether you want a 4-seater, 6-seater, or above. Your decision will help you find the model of e-rickshaw that best suits your needs.

List of Top E-Rickshaws

Electric Rickshaw  Price 
Mayuri  Starts from 1.02 Lakh
Piaggio Ape e-city Starts from 3.25 Lakh 
Mahindra Treo Starts from 1.96 Lakh 
Bajaj Starts From  2.34 Lakh
Atul Elite Plus Starts From 1.12 Lakh

The above-listed prices can vary depending on the brand and the seating capacity. For instance, the Mayuri E Riksha Price for a 4-seater will be different, and the price will be different if you select a 6-seater.

After knowing the best brands and their prices, let’s dive into the second step of choosing a trustworthy dealer.

Steps to Follow When Searching for Dealer in Chandigarh

As we all know, the popularity of electric rickshaws is at its peak and is willing to rise only.
With immense popularity, demand rises, and so do the service providers.
But sometimes, finding a reliable dealer among the crowd can be challenging.
But you don’t need to worry because we are here with the steps that you follow. You will meet the team that helps you choose the rickshaw and assists you with financing!

  • Experience: When it comes to experience, most people think those in business are more experienced. But that’s not the entire truth. Experience comes with suitable skills and teamwork. So, list a few dealers who have been in business for at least 7-8 years, and then compare their prices and other services.
  • Check Reviews: In today’s world, everyone has an online presence, which enables customers to visit their websites and learn about their offerings. Additionally, businesses are listed on Google, where you can find a page to write about your experience with the company. This can be the best place to find out what people say about the dealer and whether they are happy with the products they offer.
  • Visit Store: A single visit to the showroom can tell you a lot about the dealers. See how they greet their customers and guide them. If possible, ask other buyers about their experience.


We hope this blog helps you make the right choice and wish you success as you start your business. If you need the assistance of experts while searching for E Rickshaw Price in Chandigarh to start your journey toward success, contact our expert team at Krishna Electic Vehicle. Our team will help you clear your doubts and ease your worries.

Electric rickshaw has emerged as the favoured choice for individuals seeking to transition from low-income jobs to entrepreneurship. The reasons behind this preference are diverse, and here are just a few:

  • Increased Demand
  • Government Support
  • Affordability
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Ease of Operation, and many more.

With this huge demand and many benefits, it begs the question: why should Chandigarh and Tricity be left behind?

The demand for electric auto-rickshaws in Mohali, Chandigarh, and the surrounding areas is experiencing a significant surge.

With such huge demand, the market of dealers is also expanding. Note that only some of the dealers are the same.

In a market crowded with individuals driven solely by financial motives, it’s common to encounter those who lack a genuine connection with buyers and their specific needs.

However, fear not, for just as one can find a soulmate amidst a sea of strangers, you can discover an ideal dealer in this dynamic market. A dealer who not only comprehends your requirements but also empathizes with your emotions, genuinely striving to assist you on a personal level.

All it takes is a bit of guidance to identify the perfect partner. To aid you in this quest, we’ve compiled a list of essential details you should explore with your dealer if you’re contemplating the purchase of a rickshaw.

How to Choose a Dealer for Buying E- Rickshaws

Selecting the right dealer for purchasing E-Rickshaws is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact the success and satisfaction of your venture. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed choice

  • Reputation and Reliability: Suppose you’re considering the purchase of a Battery Wala Auto in Panchkula and are actively searching for a dealer in your vicinity. As a first step, prioritize researching the reputation of potential dealers. Delve into reviews, testimonials, or feedback from past customers. A dealer with a solid reputation is generally more inclined to offer high-quality products and excellent service. This initial research contributes to a satisfying and reliable purchase experience.
  • Experience in the Industry: Consider the dealer’s experience in the E-Rickshaw industry. An experienced dealer will likely better understand the market, various models, and customer preferences.
  • Product Range:Assess the variety of E-Rickshaws offered by the dealer. A diverse range allows you to choose a model that best suits your specific requirements and target market.
  • Certifications and Compliance:Ensure that the dealer’s E-Rickshaws comply with relevant safety and environmental standards. Check for certifications and compliance with local regulations.
  • After-Sales Service and Support: Consider the post-purchase service and support: Evaluate the dealer’s customer service by gauging their responsiveness to inquiries, transparent communication practices, and a customer-centric approach. Additionally, ensure that the dealer provides comprehensive after-sales support, encompassing maintenance services, readily available spare parts, and swift assistance for any issues that may arise. A reliable dealer should prioritize your ongoing satisfaction and address any concerns efficiently and professionally.
  • Cost and Financing Options: Compare the pricing of E-Rickshaws from different dealers. Additionally, inquire about financing options, discounts, and any available incentives that may make the purchase more financially feasible.
  • Warranty Terms: Examine the warranty terms offered on the E-Rickshaws. A dealer offering a comprehensive warranty reflects confidence in the product’s quality and durability.
  • Location and Accessibility: Consider the location of the dealer’s showroom or office. Opt for a dealer that is easily accessible and convenient for any future visits or consultations.

Thoroughly considering these aspects empowers you to make a well-informed decision when selecting a dealer for your E-Rickshaw purchase, guaranteeing a seamless and gratifying experience. Furthermore, a reliable partner welcomes your inquiries, including questions about financing, with open arms.

Conclusion:Exploring entrepreneurial opportunities with a constrained budget? Consider Electric Rickshaws as your ideal companion for success. For comprehensive information and expert guidance, reach out to Krishna Electric Vehicles, recognized as the premier dealer in Chandigarh. They provide the means for your business ambitions and offer valuable insights to help you make an informed and successful entry into the electric rickshaw market.

Chandigarh is a city known for its beautiful streets, joyful people, crazy markets, and clean environment.

This city is so organized and clean that you can not stop yourself from loving this place.

One of the major contributing factors behind this clean city is electric vehicles. Local transportation is the lifeline of any city, and Electric rickshaws in Chandigarh are playing a huge role in changing the picture for a better future.

The number of electric rickshaws is increasing every day, making it an ideal option to start a business.

Following are a few Reasons to Buy an Electric rikshaw if you are not happy with your daily wages job.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Eco- Friendly

How to Get in Touch With the Best Dealers in Chandigarh

There are number of dealers available on the market, but not are the same. It is difficult to find one that is not there just to make money but to really help buyers make their purchase the best experience ever.

Then how you will find the trustworthy partner? Read on to learn!

Read Reviews: Online reviews offer valuable insights into a company’s services. Positive customer feedback, regardless of the business size, signals a worthy visit—distance becomes secondary when customers consistently commend the services. Trust the reviews to guide you to the right place.

Visit their store: Before you purchase e rikshaw to start your income, it’s advisable to explore different stores offering varied models. This hands-on approach helps in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the available options and assists in determining the most suitable model for your needs. To ensure a well-informed decision, we recommend not restricting your exploration to just one store but rather expanding your search by visiting multiple stores, allowing for a thorough comparison before making a final selection.

EMI Option: If your budget is not allowing you to buy E Rickshaw Battery Wala ,there is nothing to worry about. You can now easily buy a rikshaw in easy instalments. There are a few dealers in Chandigarh that give you the choice to choose the installation as per your budget. Isn’t that amazing? So, pick the dealer from whom you are going to buy the rikshaw wisely.

Ask Queries on Call: Another important thing to consider is how helpful the dealer is. Get in touch with them on call and ask your queries without any hesitation; if they answer your queries proactively, don’t give a second thought to visiting their store.

Customer Support: Good customer support is all that a buyer needs. Communicate with dealers and see how helpful they are. Because the dealer you are choosing is helpful, they can make your purchase hassle-free. They can help you with documentation to make you understand other regulations.

Top E Rikshaw Models That you Can Buy

When looking to invest in an e-rickshaw, considering top models is crucial. Here are some noteworthy models:

  • Mayuri 500
  • Mayuri Grand
  • Mayuri Super Plus
  • Sarthi

Mayuri stands tall among electric rickshaw brands, offering various models, each with its unique features. However, they share certain standout features across the range:

  • Strong Chassis
  • Front Glass featuring Wiper
  • Durable Steel Roof
  • FM with Dual Speakers
  • Sturdy Curtain
  • Illuminating LED Cabin Light
  • Rapid Charging Capability

Understanding these shared qualities can guide your choice when deciding which Mayuri model best suits your needs and preferences.


Electric rikshaw is the future of local transport not only in chandigarh but all over the India. Now is the perfect time to buy a rickshaw and initiate your business even on a tight budget. We’ve offered guidance on finding the right dealer in the Tricity. If you still have any uncertainties, reach out to our experts today; they’re here to assist and address your queries.