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Choose the Right Electric Rickshaw to Kickstart Your Business


Are you planning to buy an electric rickshaw, but are unsure where or which model to choose?
Well, you are not alone; many other people are juggling with the same questions.
We don’t want you to struggle to get answers to your doubts, so we have compiled this blog. In it, we will list the best modesl you can choose and also the steps to find the right dealer in your area.
So, are you ready?
Let’s start!

How To Choose The Right Electric Rickshaw Model?

While we plan, things seem easy, but when it comes to execution, the real struggle starts.
When you go to a showroom to buy an electric rickshaw, you realise there are so many options, which puts you in the dilemma of which one to use.
Sometimes, people come back without buying because they get confused.
Well, you can avoid this solution by following an expert’s suggestion, or if you can’t find someone who can guide you, this article can become your natural guide.
We have listed a few of the best options for you to choose from, but before we proceed, we will discuss some key aspects that will help you make the right decision.

Types of E-Rickshaws

Passenger E-Rickshaws

These are primarily utilised for short trips within cities and are intended to carry passengers.

Cargo E-Rickshaw

These are designed for transporting goods and are equipped with spacious cargo compartments. They are Ideal for businesses that require to transport a few items on a regular basis.

Consider Your Purpose

Once you decide what you want, suppose you want a passenger rickshaw, the next decision-making step comes.

Electric rickshaws have different seating capacities, so decide whether you want a 4-seater, 6-seater, or above. Your decision will help you find the model of e-rickshaw that best suits your needs.

List of Top E-Rickshaws

Electric Rickshaw  Price 
Mayuri  Starts from 1.02 Lakh
Piaggio Ape e-city Starts from 3.25 Lakh 
Mahindra Treo Starts from 1.96 Lakh 
Bajaj Starts From  2.34 Lakh
Atul Elite Plus Starts From 1.12 Lakh

The above-listed prices can vary depending on the brand and the seating capacity. For instance, the Mayuri E Riksha Price for a 4-seater will be different, and the price will be different if you select a 6-seater.

After knowing the best brands and their prices, let’s dive into the second step of choosing a trustworthy dealer.

Steps to Follow When Searching for Dealer in Chandigarh

As we all know, the popularity of electric rickshaws is at its peak and is willing to rise only.
With immense popularity, demand rises, and so do the service providers.
But sometimes, finding a reliable dealer among the crowd can be challenging.
But you don’t need to worry because we are here with the steps that you follow. You will meet the team that helps you choose the rickshaw and assists you with financing!

  • Experience: When it comes to experience, most people think those in business are more experienced. But that’s not the entire truth. Experience comes with suitable skills and teamwork. So, list a few dealers who have been in business for at least 7-8 years, and then compare their prices and other services.
  • Check Reviews: In today’s world, everyone has an online presence, which enables customers to visit their websites and learn about their offerings. Additionally, businesses are listed on Google, where you can find a page to write about your experience with the company. This can be the best place to find out what people say about the dealer and whether they are happy with the products they offer.
  • Visit Store: A single visit to the showroom can tell you a lot about the dealers. See how they greet their customers and guide them. If possible, ask other buyers about their experience.


We hope this blog helps you make the right choice and wish you success as you start your business. If you need the assistance of experts while searching for E Rickshaw Price in Chandigarh to start your journey toward success, contact our expert team at Krishna Electic Vehicle. Our team will help you clear your doubts and ease your worries.

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