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Electric Riksha in Dhanas

Krishna Electric Vehicle: Your One-Stop Shop for E-Rickshaws

Electric rickshaws are taking over the streets in India, even in places like Dhanas! The good news is that if you're in Dhanas and thinking of getting one, Krishna Electric Vehicle, the top dealer in Chandigarh, has the perfect option: the Mayuri electric rickshaw. Join the electric rickshaw revolution in style!

Find the Right Model With Krishna Electric Vehicle

With so many different types of models out there, it can take time to know which one is right for you. That is why at Krishna Electric Vehicle store, we only offer one of the best models for your needs.

So, whether you're looking for a high-end model or a more budget-friendly option, We help you find the model so that you get the most out of your new Electric Riksha in Dhanas!

Mayuri Pro 500

Our E- Rikshaw Models

  • Mayuri 500: The Mayuri 500 E-rickshaw has several amazing features compared to other models. Here are some standout points, including excellent mileage, a robust body with a heavy chassis, a front glass with a wiper, a sturdy steel roof, FM with double speakers, durable curtains, and an efficient LED cabin light.
  • Mayuri Grand: This model features a robust and high-quality body, setting a new standard for E-rickshaws. It's equipped with a rear-view camera for added safety. You'll experience exceptional mileage and top-speed performance, all within its sturdy body that ensures 100% passenger protection. The advanced motor enables impressive speed, and the battery offers an extended range for kilometres covered.
  • Mayuri Plus: This model has gained a lot of popularity among people and is considered one of the preferred choices. As, this model boasts a sturdy and premium body, raising the bar for E-rickshaws. It's also designed with a convenient Sunroof with Luggage Carrier. The advanced motor ensures impressive speed, and the battery provides an extended range, all with a reasonable 8-hour charging time!

So, if you are searching for E Rickshaw Battery Wala in Dhanas, one of these models can be your ideal option!

Why Choose Us?

E-rickshaws bring multiple advantages for drivers, including cost-effectiveness, low maintenance, and improved driving convenience. If you're exploring a career in the transportation sector, investing in an e-rickshaw is a wise move that benefits both drivers and passengers.

So, don't wait anymore; connect with one of the best dealers in Chandigarh: Krishna Electric Vehicle. Our professional team is always available to assist you and address your queries. Additionally, we provide guidance and support for documentation and payment processes.

If you'd like to discover more about the Mayuri e-rickshaw or explore the possibility of introducing it in your city, please feel free to contact us or visit our Nayagaon store.

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