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E Rickshaw Battery Wala in Khudda Lahora

Electric Rickshaw: An Affordable Option To Start Your Business

Electric rikshaws are a new way of transport in new India. With the focus on environment-friendly alternatives, the government is pushing electric vehicles greatly.

Although electric cars or other heavy vehicles are uncommon in India, electric rikshaws rule the market. You will see these electric wheels running on every street in rural or urban areas.

We at Krishna Electric Vehicle are also contributing to a greener and cleaner environment as we are the Number one Dealer of electric rikshaws in Chandigarh. Providing E Rickshaw Battery Wala in Khudda Lahora or several nearby areas of Chandigarh.

Mayuri Pro 500

Here are some of the best models of Mayuri we offer:

  • Mayuri 500: It not only stands out with its charming appearance compared to other models but also offers fantastic value, starting at just ₹120,000. Here are some of its key features:
    • Impressive 200 mm ground clearance for smooth rides on various terrains
    • Equipped with LED cabin lights for added convenience.
    • Quick charging – it takes just 8 hours to reach a full charge.
    If you're considering purchasing an electric riksha in Khudda Lahora, Mayuri 500 is an excellent choice that won't disappoint.
  • Mayuri Grand: The Mayuri Grand stands out as the latest and most cutting-edge electric rickshaw available today. It's loaded with features and advantages that set it apart as the ideal option for cleaner, more efficient, and cost-effective transportation, albeit at a slightly higher price, starting at a minimum of ₹140,000. This model boasts an array of enhanced features, including a rear-view camera and LED headlamps with DRL. To learn more about its special offerings, feel free to reach out to our team at Krishna Electric Vehicle anytime.
  • Mayuri Super Plus: Adding another gem to our collection, the Mayuri Super Plus is a model designed for comfort and loaded with a variety of impressive features. Some of its noteworthy attributes include a sunroof with a luggage carrier, heavy-duty front shock absorbers, and much more! No matter which of these three models you choose, you're in for a comfortable ride from the driver's seat. Mayuri e-rickshaws are designed to provide ultimate comfort for both passengers and drivers. Moreover, Mayuri Charging Wala Auto in Khudda Lahora can be a fantastic source of income. It's cost-effective and demands less maintenance compared to petrol rickshaws.

Why Choose Us?

Krishna Electric Vehicles is your trusted partner in this journey. We offer a diverse range of electric rickshaws to match your specific requirements, ensuring you enjoy your entrepreneurial journey with confidence. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance helping you understand the intricacies of electric rickshaws. Your success is our priority.

Don't wait to start your business dreams. Explore our electric rickshaw options and take the first step towards a prosperous and eco-conscious future. Contact Krishna Electric Vehicle today.

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