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Charging wala auto in Mauli Jagran

Increase your Efficiency with Electric Rickshaws

If you want a rickshaw that helps you do your best, you should opt for an electric one. But how are electric rickshaws better than the traditional auto rickshaws?

The e-rickshaw is powered with various amazing features that give tough competition to the traditional auto rickshaw. They are the trending choice right now, and the market of e-rickshaws is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Krishna Electric Vehicle is the best brand that provides first-class e-rickshaws. Our latest range of Mayuri e rickshaws has raised the bar of standard amongst our competitors.

We give you the following reasons why our Mayuri electric rickshaw is a better choice than the auto-rickshaws:

Mayuri Pro 500

How is E-Rickshaw Better Than The Traditional Rickshaws?

We provide you with some solid reasons why you should invest in an e-rickshaw:

  • Fuel efficiency: unlike the traditional autos, the electric vehicle works on the battery. This charging wala auto in Mauli Jagran will remove your constant worrying about the rising petrol and diesel prices. The batteries take 8 hours to charge and come with a long life of 1.5-3 years.
  • No loud noises: The loud buzzing noise of auto rickshaws will surely give you and your passengers a headache. On the other hand, the electric rikshas works in silence and provides passengers with a better riding experience.
  • Easy ride: We provide rickshaws with gravity nearer to land so they do not become unstable on bumpy and uneven roads. They do not produce any heat, thus making the ride comfortable.
  • Eco-friendly: unlike traditional autos that produce heat and smoke, they do not create emissions that pollute the environment. This electric rikshaw in Mauli Jagran will ensure no noise or air pollution.
  • Low maintenance: The e-rickshaw is easy to maintain as it is operated on a battery, which can be easily replaced when it reaches full usage. The auto-rickshaw requires more care towards its engine, which can raise the maintenance cost.
  • Increased profits: Our Mayuri range electric autos offer you the ability to drive an auto with low operating and maintenance costs. The battery lasts for a long time, which allows you to drive on the roads of Mauli Jagran for a long time. The expenses are low, and the gain is higher. If we calculate correctly, it is definite that you will make more profits.

Why Choose Krishna Electric Vehicle?

We constantly work on providing you with the best quality at an affordable rate. That’s why we have come up with our latest range that is Mayuri, where you can choose from our latest models of electric auto riksha that is MAYURI PRO 500, MAYURI GRAND E RICKSHAW, and MAYURI SUPER PLUS. Visit our Krishna Electric Vehicle store in Naya Gaon for detailed information on our latest models.

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