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Charging wala auto in Vikas Nagar

E-Rickshaw: The Ultimate Pocket-Friendly Option

E-rickshaw is the top choice if you want to become self-employed by making a small investment. Affordability and efficiency, electric rickshaws have both qualities.

Krishna Electric Vehicle is here to make you self-reliant by providing premium quality and lightweight e-rickshaws that accompany you on your new journey. To enrich your buying experience, we have come up with your latest range of Mayuri, which offers you numerous benefits.

Let us see how our Mayuri range is pocket-friendly while being super efficient:

Mayuri Pro 500
  • Low Investment: Our affordable range starts with our MAYURI PRO 500 with a cost of only 1,20,000/-. Our range is much more affordable than the auto rickshaws.
  • Operating Cost: The electric rickshaws are battery operated, saving you from the daily expense of petrol or diesel. The battery life of an e-rickshaw is a minimum of 1.5 years and, with good maintenance, can go up to 2-3 years.
  • Easy Maintenance:: The e-rickshaw has fewer moving parts, which are easy to maintain. Krishna Electric Vehicles provides quality, making fewer service centre trips.
  • EMI Facility: Our brand understands that it might not be feasible for you to spend a large amount immediately. Considering this situation, we provide you with the option of opting for EMI instalments.
  • Long-term Investment: Choosing the Mayuri E-rickshaw means making a worthy investment. We make e-rickshaws that go on the roads for years to come. Our mission is to provide electric vehicles which are durable and reliable.
  • Profitability: The battery takes only 8 hrs to charge as you take 8 hrs to sleep. After waking up fresh and motivated, you would see your Mayuri rickshaw standing recharged and ready to hit the road. This charging wala auto in Vikas Nagar allows you to travel for longer duration to fetch maximum fares.

You have seen how our range of Mayuri, which includes MAYURI PRO 500, MAYURI GRAND E RICKSHAW and MAYURI SUPER PLUS, can provide you with all the financial perks. Let us see some tips that aid you in maintaining the e-rickshaw, which can elongate its lifespan.

Top Tips to Maintain Your E-Rickshaw

  • Use the right charger for your Electric Rickshaw
  • Avoid exposure of battery to harsh temperature
  • Keep the air in the tyre at an ideal level
  • Timely do the pollution of your vehicle
  • Make sure to keep the battery in a dry place when it's charging
  • If you see any problem with your electric vehicle, visit the service centre immediately.

Choose from our Mayuri Range

Our latest range of Mayuri electric rickshaws is cost-efficient, which helps you make profits. Check out all three models and choose the one that feels the best to you. If you are ready to hit the road to success, contact Krishna Electric Vehicle.

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