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Electric Rikshaw: Transforming Lives in The City

Wondering how a mere vehicle can transform someone’s life? Well, it can! Preethi, who moved to Bangalore around ten years ago, is a live example of this. Being transgender became a curse for her, as her family kicked her out only because her hormones were different from ours.

But is being transgender in our hands? Fast forward now; since March last year, she has been making her living with an e-rickshaw.

Ever since she got the keys to this battery rickshaw, her life has changed 360 degrees, and her story has become a success story in the rising world of electric rickshaws.

Eighty-three percent of India’s electric vehicle market is currently made up of e-rickshaws. Approximately 15 lakh e-rickshaws are presently in use in India, and an additional 11,000 are added to the fleet each month based on purchases. These figures may be far higher since a sizable population still needs to be registered.

By 2024, it is anticipated that 9.25 lakh e-rickshaws will be sold on the market.

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Let us have a look at an array of benefits of owning such rickshaws that hold the power to transform your lives.

      1. Environmental benefits:

        • Less air pollution: Since electric rickshaws have no tailpipe emissions, the air in cities is much cleaner and of higher quality.
        • Diminished carbon footprint: Electric rickshaws lessen greenhouse gas emissions from gasoline-powered cars, which helps mitigate climate change’s effects.
        • Sustainable transportation option: Because electric rickshaws run on renewable energy, the transportation system is made more ecologically friendly and sustainable.

    1. Economical benefits:

        • Cost-effectiveness: Electric rickshaws are a low-cost mode of transportation that provides inexpensive mobility for people with limited financial means. Are you looking for the best deal on electric riksha price in Naya Gaon? Visit Krishna Electric Vehicles to learn more.

      • Job drivers:  By generating employment opportunities for every person, including drivers, mechanics, and technicians, the electric rickshaw sector contributes to the local economies.

      • Support local businesses: The excessive use of electric rickshaws for deliveries and transportation stimulates local entrepreneurship and economic growth in the country. 
    2. Social benefits:

      • Increased accessibility: Those with disabilities or restricted mobility might benefit more from such rickshaws, as they are a convenient and accessible mode of transportation.

      • Less traffic congestion: Its small size and flexibility can contribute immensely to reducing traffic jams in urban areas, resulting in better traffic flows and decreasing travel times.

      • Enhanced community mobility: By facilitating access to marketplaces, educational institutions, and other necessities, electric rickshaws foster social inclusion and increase community mobility.


    3. Additional benefits:

      • Less noise pollution: Unlike traditional auto rickshaws, these electric ones do not cause noise pollution. They are manufactured in a way that operates quietly, contributing to a more peaceful and calming environment.
      • Encourages Tourism: By offering travelers an alternative and environmentally responsible means of seeing cities. Electric rickshaws improve travel experiences and encourage environmentally conscious travel.
      • Supports local manufacturing: As the electric rickshaw market expands, it fosters innovation and local manufacture, which advances economic progress.

The Summary

Due to their numerous benefits, electric rickshaws are revolutionizing urban transportation and greatly enhancing the general well-being of city dwellers. Due to their significant positive social and economic impacts and ability to preserve the environment, these vehicles are essential to advancing sustainable urban development initiatives. Electric rickshaws will undoubtedly impact how urban transportation develops in the future as communities worldwide work to build more livable, healthy, and environmentally friendly environments.

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