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How Electric Rickshaws Become the Lifeline of Chandigarh Streets

Chandigarh is a city known for its beautiful streets, joyful people, crazy markets, and clean environment.

This city is so organized and clean that you can not stop yourself from loving this place.

One of the major contributing factors behind this clean city is electric vehicles. Local transportation is the lifeline of any city, and Electric rickshaws in Chandigarh are playing a huge role in changing the picture for a better future.

The number of electric rickshaws is increasing every day, making it an ideal option to start a business.

Following are a few Reasons to Buy an Electric rikshaw if you are not happy with your daily wages job.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Eco- Friendly

How to Get in Touch With the Best Dealers in Chandigarh

There are number of dealers available on the market, but not are the same. It is difficult to find one that is not there just to make money but to really help buyers make their purchase the best experience ever.

Then how you will find the trustworthy partner? Read on to learn!

Read Reviews: Online reviews offer valuable insights into a company’s services. Positive customer feedback, regardless of the business size, signals a worthy visit—distance becomes secondary when customers consistently commend the services. Trust the reviews to guide you to the right place.

Visit their store: Before you purchase e rikshaw to start your income, it’s advisable to explore different stores offering varied models. This hands-on approach helps in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the available options and assists in determining the most suitable model for your needs. To ensure a well-informed decision, we recommend not restricting your exploration to just one store but rather expanding your search by visiting multiple stores, allowing for a thorough comparison before making a final selection.

EMI Option: If your budget is not allowing you to buy E Rickshaw Battery Wala ,there is nothing to worry about. You can now easily buy a rikshaw in easy instalments. There are a few dealers in Chandigarh that give you the choice to choose the installation as per your budget. Isn’t that amazing? So, pick the dealer from whom you are going to buy the rikshaw wisely.

Ask Queries on Call: Another important thing to consider is how helpful the dealer is. Get in touch with them on call and ask your queries without any hesitation; if they answer your queries proactively, don’t give a second thought to visiting their store.

Customer Support: Good customer support is all that a buyer needs. Communicate with dealers and see how helpful they are. Because the dealer you are choosing is helpful, they can make your purchase hassle-free. They can help you with documentation to make you understand other regulations.

Top E Rikshaw Models That you Can Buy

When looking to invest in an e-rickshaw, considering top models is crucial. Here are some noteworthy models:

  • Mayuri 500
  • Mayuri Grand
  • Mayuri Super Plus
  • Sarthi

Mayuri stands tall among electric rickshaw brands, offering various models, each with its unique features. However, they share certain standout features across the range:

  • Strong Chassis
  • Front Glass featuring Wiper
  • Durable Steel Roof
  • FM with Dual Speakers
  • Sturdy Curtain
  • Illuminating LED Cabin Light
  • Rapid Charging Capability

Understanding these shared qualities can guide your choice when deciding which Mayuri model best suits your needs and preferences.


Electric rikshaw is the future of local transport not only in chandigarh but all over the India. Now is the perfect time to buy a rickshaw and initiate your business even on a tight budget. We’ve offered guidance on finding the right dealer in the Tricity. If you still have any uncertainties, reach out to our experts today; they’re here to assist and address your queries.