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How to Buy an Electric Rickshaw: Your Comprehensive Guide to Electric Rickshaw Price and Features

Planning to purchase an electric rickshaw but struggling to find accurate pricing and information? If so, this article is a must-read for you.

Moving forward, we’ll cover electric rickshaw prices, various types available, and more to help you make an informed decision.

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Electric Riksha Price

Electric vehicles (EVs) are experiencing a surge in popularity due to their environmentally responsible features. Beyond their appeal as eco-conscious transportation options, EVs are emerging as a practical choice for individuals looking to launch businesses on a restricted budget. Here’s a detail about the pricing of a basic but most preferred e-rikshaw model: Mayuri.

Mayuri Price

Mayuri is one of the most popular electric rickshaw brands in India. The price of a Mayuri electric rickshaw can vary depending on the specific model and features offered.

Here is a breakdown of the latest prices of some of the most popular Mayuri electric rickshaw models in India:

Here is a breakdown of the average cost of Mayuri electric rickshaw in India:

  • Price: ₹1.4 lakh
  • Seat Type: Standard
  • Seating Capacity: 6 Seat


CHARGER Type: SMPS With Voltage Fluctuation Protection

  • Charging Time 8 Hrs
  • Output 15 A

MOTOR Type: Brushless DC Motor

  • Max Power: 1000 Watt
  • Voltage: 48V


  • Front 3.75-12 Mm
  • Back 3.75-12 Mm


  • Heavy Chassis
  • Front Glass With Wiper
  • Steel Roof
  • Fm With Double Speaker
  • Heavy Curtain
  • Led Cabin Light

As previously mentioned, the price we’ve discussed pertains to the base model of an electric rickshaw. However, it’s important to note that the cost of an electric rickshaw can fluctuate as per the model you choose.

For example, if you are considering an electric rickshaw designed to accommodate 8 to 12 passengers, the price range can vary considerably, typically falling between *1.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs approximately. This wide price range reflects variations in factors such as the rickshaw’s size, battery capacity, manufacturer, and the level of features it offers.

Therefore, it’s essential to carefully consider your specific requirements and budget when selecting the right electric rickshaw for your needs.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the pricing, don’t hesitate – take the next step and bring your vehicle home.

And in case you find this amount stretching your budget, here’s some great news!

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Easy Installation Option: To Kickstart Your Own Business

Purchasing a battery-powered auto-rickshaw has never been more budget-friendly. Think of our convenient electric rickshaw downpayment plan as the ideal starting point for your entrepreneurial venture.

With dowpayment of just 29,999 rupees and easy EMI plans, it’s a practical choice for those who dream of launching their own business but have limited initial funds. This option erases financial obstacles, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to commence their journey with a modest upfront investment.


The EMI option for buying an e-rickshaw has several benefits, including:

  • Affordability: EMI means you can buy an e-rickshaw without giving all the money at once. This is good for people who are starting a business or don’t have a lot of money saved.
  • Flexible repayment terms: You can choose an EMI plan that fits your budget and repayment capacity. This gives you more control over your finances and makes it easier to manage your monthly expenses.

In addition to these general benefits, an EMI option for buying an e-rickshaw can also help you to:

  • Start your business sooner: You don’t have to wait until you have saved up enough money to buy an e-rickshaw outright. With an EMI option, you can start your business sooner and start earning revenue.
  • Invest in a better e-rickshaw: An EMI option allows you to afford a higher-quality e-rickshaw with better features and performance. This can give you a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Expand your business: Once you have established a successful e-rickshaw business, you can use the EMI option to purchase additional e-rickshaws and expand your fleet.

Using the EMI option to buy an e-rickshaw can help you start your business. But before you pick one, it’s important to compare different plans from different sellers. You also need to make sure you can pay the monthly installments without causing money problems.

While the upfront investment may necessitate careful financial planning, the long-term advantages of electric vehicles are substantial. Lower fuel and maintenance costs, coupled with potential government incentives, can lead to significant cost savings throughout the vehicle’s lifespan.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Rickshaw

When buying an electric rickshaw, there are a number of factors that you should consider, including:

  • Battery capacity: The battery capacity will determine how far the rickshaw can travel on a single charge.
  • Motor power: The motor power will determine the rickshaw’s top speed and acceleration.
  • Load capacity: The load capacity will determine how much weight the rickshaw can carry.

Partner with a savvy dealer who not only helps you choose the perfect option but also makes every detail crystal clear, ensuring you’re fully in the know and engaged in the decision-making process!

Still hesitating? We strongly recommend seizing this incredible opportunity to embark on your path to success.

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