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How To Ensure Safety While Driving An Electric Riksha in Maloya?

Electric rickshaws provide convenience to those who want to travel short distances. The simple and lightweight framework of e-riksha makes it easy for drivers to manoeuvre it on busy roads. Also, passengers stay comfortable during the ride. So we can say the electric tuk-tuk is a gem for both the passengers and the person driving it.

However, while taking the e-rickshaw from one place to another, it is important for drivers to maintain proper safety. So, how do you enjoy the journey on an electric rickshaw with full safety?

To find out, keep on reading further as we will discuss some easy safety tips that you can implement for preventing any mishappenings while being on the road.

Maximise Safety On the Road With E- Rickshaw With These 5 Tips

  1. Avoid distractions

    One of the common distractions for anyone driving on the road has become a mobile phone. Whether it is texting or attending calls, these actions can divert your eyes and mind from the road. Also, eating food, engaging too much in conversation with passengers or fiddling with the radio can distract you from driving. Being distracted means you won’t have any knowledge of what’s happening around you. Whether it is accelerating the pedal when lights are green or suddenly hitting the brakes, you won’t be able to do it on time when you are distracted. So make sure that you avoid any directions while driving Battery Wala Auto Rickshaw in Maloya to avoid clashing with other vehicles.

  2. Say no to overspeeding

    Overspeeding is one of the major reasons for accidents on roads. While you would want the passengers to reach on time at their destination, this doesn’t mean that you should go beyond the speed limit. Driving at high speed in busy areas can make it difficult to stop or slow down the electric riksha suddenly. It is for the safety of everyone only that speed limits are set, so the driver should make it a duty to adhere to them.

  3. Do not overload the e-rickshaw

    Different electric rickshaws have different passenger loading capacities. Generally, you can fit 3-4 passengers easily in an e-rickshaw. Battery-operated rickshaw drivers may, however, attempt to accommodate more passengers than recommended. Exceeding the weight capacity means that you are putting yourself and the passengers at risk. There is a certain number of people you can welcome in an e-rickshaw. Going beyond that number will make your driving complicated. You won’t be able to handle the electric rickshaw which would result in the vehicle losing balance on the road.

  4. Proper maintenance

    In order to ensure that your electric rickshaw performs at its best with full safety you need to keep a check on its components. Ensure to inspect the brake system, tyres, lights and other other important parts. On detecting any malfunctioning in any component immediately take your e-riksha to the service center.

  5. Guidance to passengers

    Sometimes the people riding the e-rickshaw may forget about following proper safety protocols. But your duty as a driver is to keep a check on passenger’s safety. See if the passengers seat themselves properly before you start the journey. Also, make sure to check that every passenger’s arms and legs are inside the electric rickshaw.

  6. Maintain safe distance

    The roads of India can become a little congested at times. When there is traffic usually drivers forget to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle at the back and front. But a distance of at least two seconds is a must as it can prevent any chance of collisions.

  7. Be cautious at night

    During the night time, as the visibility decreases, the chances of accidents may increase if you are not vigilant enough. To drive safely during the night, you should keep the headlights and tail lights on at the right moment. Also, in case you are feeling sleepy, then it is better to go home and rest as while driving, you may never know when you doze off.


By following the tips mentioned above, you can keep your and passengers’ safety at the top. Apart from these tips for ensuring safety starts with investing in reliable e-rickshaws. Our Mayuri range provides electric rickshaws that are ICAT-approved. The Indian Centre for Automotive Technology is a prestigious testing agency established by the government. Any vehicle that this agency approves means that it complies with rules and standards set by the government for manufacturing e-rickshaws. So by choosing us you are getting yourself the e-riksha that provides performance and safety. Contact us for the best electric riksha price in Naya Gaon.

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