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Invest in the future of local transportation with Mayuri E Rickshaw

Are you sitting unemployed? Don’t have a budget to do something?

Well, then, this article is for you. No more worries and sadness because now we have an option for you that will help you earn well in life and make your family’s future secure.

This is not something that requires having a big degree!

This is not something for which you need to take a loan from the bank at a high-interest rate, no!

This is something that gives your life a new way to make your and your family’s dreams come true.

Sounding amazing? What is this option that gives you the opportunity to earn good without investing and having a big degree?

Well, it’s Mayuri Grand E-Rickshaw!


Electric Rickshaw Popularity in Chandigarh

We are all aware of the popularity and demand for electric rickshaws in the market. Not just in India, but the demand for electric vehicles is increasing worldwide amid the rising population.

But let’s talk about Chandigarh in particular, as it is a green city with clean and planned roads. The city can not take the opportunity of sustainability to make the city environment fresher and cleaner for people.
Chandigarh’s administration is already doing good to promote sustainable transportation. We are seeing the electric local business running on the roads.

However, if we talk about the most popular local transport in Chandigarh, it is rickshaws.
So, they are also getting updates. People are investing in electric rickshaws now by knowing that the future is electric.

Do you know the future is electric? If not, this is the time for you to be aware of the popularity of electric vehicles and invest in Mayuri Rickshaw.

Mayuri Grand E-Rickshaw

Being the top model manufactured by Mayuri, this e rickshaw is gaining popularity for many reasons.
Following are the features that make it the ideal option for drivers.

Features of Mayuri Grand

  • Capable of lifting 600 kg load capacity.
  • This model features a high-grade 10-degree tiltability, making it easy to climb slopes and flyovers, which is the best in this segment.
  • It is equipped with 43 mm telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and spring shock absorbers at the rear.
  • It is fitted with mechanically lever-operated brakes, ensuring a pleasant driving experience.
  • 1-year warranty on motor and battery.
  • Capacity to accommodate 1 driver and 4 passengers.

More Details About Mayuri Grand:

  • Battery: 130 Ah
  • Top Speed: 20 Km/ph
  • Range: 80 km/charge

Reason: It can be one of the best employment Options

No Big investment:

Buying a Mayuri rickshaw is relatively easy. You don’t have to make significant investments or take a loan from a bank. Many dealers in the market offer the easy EMI option. This means you must make a small downpayment between 30,000 and 35,000, and you can take a rickshaw home.

You can drive and make a good income and then give monthly instalments at your convenience. Isn’t it amazing?

Low Maintenance Cost:

Not only is the purchase cost of the Mayuri rickshaw low, but its maintenance cost is also lower. Unlike petrol and gas-running rickshaws, it doesn’t require costly maintenance with simple battery engine maintenance. The price becomes less, making it accessible to more people.
Potentially good income: In areas with good demand and efficient work, drivers can earn a decent income.

Environmental contribution:

Driving an e-rickshaw creates a cleaner environment than traditional vehicles.

What more can we expect from a vehicle? Along with providing your employment under a tight budget, it allows you to contribute toward a green and clean environment.

This satisfaction is something else that you can feel, so why wait? Give your dreams the wings, search for Mayuri E Rickshaw Price in Chandigarh and the place from where you want it and bring this fantastic vehicle home to start your new journey.

Summary: Buying an electric vehicle is always the best option for those with a contract budget and skills. It doesn’t require any technical training to drive and is budget-friendly.

We tried to give you complete details, starting from the features and reasons to buy it; we hope you keep the above information in mind and for more details, contact our team at Krishna Electric Vehicles.

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