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Mayuri Super Plus E Riksha

Mayuri Super Plus: A step towards a greener planet

Rickshaws are common in India, making our streets lively with their honks and cheerful presence. They are like the heartbeats of our cities, always there. However, they have changed their looks and features to fit in with the environment and get better.

One notable transformation in recent times is the shift towards electric rickshaws, marking a significant change in the industry.

E-rickshaws were initially created to improve the country's economy by reducing fuel consumption and foreign exchange spent on fuel imports.

This innovation has transformed local transportation, providing an affordable and convenient mode of travel in your neighbourhood.

Mayuri Super Plus

What’s Special About Mayuri Super Plus?

Mayuri Super Plus

The Mayuri Super Plus is a top-of-the-line electric rickshaw. It's one of our bestsellers, designed with a solid double chassis and a durable body to deliver top performance and maximum comfort. Here are some of its standout features:

  • A roomy and comfortable passenger cabin.
  • A robust motor capable of tackling steep hills and heavy loads.
  • An innovative regenerative braking system that charges the battery while in use.
  • ICAT approval for safety compliance.
  • Open body type for a spacious feel.
  • Type: Brushless DC Motor
  • Max Power: 1200 Watt
  • Maximum DC Output Voltage 65V +- 0.5V
  • AC Input Voltage Range 170 - 300 VAC
  • Front Lever Operated, Drum Type
  • Rear Paddle Operated, Drum Type
  • Parking Brake Mechanical Hand Lever Operated
  • Front 43 Mm Telescopic Hydraulic Shocker
  • Rear Leaf Spring Shockers
  • Front 3.75-12 Mm
  • Back 3.75-12 Mm
  • Capacity 50A, 24 Mosphets
  • Voltage 48 V
  • Frame High Rigidity Monocoque Type
  • Wheel Base 2030 Mm
  • Type SMPS With Voltage Fluctuation Protection
  • Charging Time 8 Hrs
  • Output 15 A
  • Wheel Base 2030 Mm
  • Width 1000 Mm
  • Length 2690 Mm
  • Height 1710 Mm
  • Ground Clearance 200 Mm
Key Features
  • Heavy Front Shockers
  • Sunroof with Luggage Carrier
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Stepney with Lock
  • Double Chassis
  • Windshield with Wiper

Why Mayuri?

Mayuri is the most popular electric rickshaw brand in India. This means that many people love and trust them. Reasons why Mayuri is the best choice for electric rickshaws include:

  • ICAT approval: The Indian Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) is a government-accredited testing agency that ensures the safety and quality of vehicles in India. Mayuri is the first ICAT-approved electric rickshaw, thoroughly tested and certified to meet the highest standards.
  • Best-in-class manufacturing facility: Mayuri has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the latest technology and equipment. This ensures that Mayuri electric rickshaws are built to the highest quality standards.
  • Most trusted brand: Mayuri is the most trusted brand in the electric rickshaw category. This is because Mayuri has a reputation for quality, reliability, and customer service.
  • SMPS with Voltage Fluctuation Protection: Mayuri Super Plus comes with a smart power supply (SMPS) charger that protects the rickshaw's battery from voltage fluctuations. This is important because voltage fluctuations can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan.
  • In simple terms, the SMPS charger ensures that the rickshaw's battery is always charged at the correct voltage, even if the input voltage fluctuates. This makes the Mayuri Super Plus a more reliable and durable electric rickshaw.

    The Mayuri Super Plus is the perfect electric rickshaw for anyone looking to start their business on a tight budget. It's environmentally friendly, economical, and convenient, making it a step towards a greener planet. So, buy now!

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