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Piaggio Bsvi Ape City Plus

You've probably noticed the name "Piaggio" adorning countless rickshaws around town. But Piaggio is not just any rickshaw; it's a symbol of opportunity for individuals with limited income, a catalyst for business ventures, and a force for positive change.

Piaggio CNG rickshaws are currently one of the most advanced and sustainable rickshaws on the market. Clean and efficient CNG engines produce fewer emissions and provide better fuel economy than traditional gasoline-powered rickshaws.

Furthermore, the cabin is spacious and well-appointed, the suspension is smooth and responsive, and the engine is powerful enough to handle city traffic and highway driving.

Piaggio Bsvi Ape City Plus
  • Type: Forced Air Cooled Engine
  • Displacement: 230cc
  • Max Power: 6.84 kW (9.17 hp) @ 4700 rpm
  • Max Torque: 17 Nm @ 2300 rpm
  • Clutch Type Multi Plate Wet Type
  • Gear Box Constant Mesh
  • Gear 4 Forward, 1 Reverse
  • Front Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber With Helical Compression Spring with dampener
  • Rear Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber With Rubber Compression Spring with dampener
  • Steering Handle Bar Type
  • Brake Drum Brake Hydraulicaly Actuated Internal Expanding Shoe Type
  • Tyre 4.50 – 10, 4 PR
  • System Voltage 12V
  • Battery Rating 40 Ah
  • Wheelbase 1920 mm
  • Width 1435 mm
  • Length 2880 mm
  • Height 1920 mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance 200 mm
  • GVW 780 kg
  • Kerb Weight 480 kg
  • Seating Capacity Driver + 3
  • Maximum Gradeability 24%
  • Fuel Tank Capacity CNG : 40 Ltr. Water Capacity, Petrol : 2.8 Ltr.
  • Maximum Speed 60 Km/h

What Makes Piaggio Three Wheelers so Popular?

In a market teeming with autorickshaw options, Piaggio stands out as the undisputed leader. Here's why it's the preferred choice:

  • Enhanced Comfort and Performance: Piaggio's three-wheelers redefine comfort and offer top-notch performance, making your journey a pleasant experience.
  • Versatile Transportation: Three-wheelers are currently the most popular mode of transportation, whether for cargo or passenger purposes. Piaggio's vehicles are designed for minimal noise and maximum comfort.
  • Extensive Variety: Piaggio boasts a wide range of passenger and cargo three-wheelers, perfectly suited for last-mile transportation needs.
  • Impressive Fuel Efficiency: All Piaggio three-wheelers come with optimally sized fuel tanks, ensuring excellent mileage and cost-effectiveness.
  • Reliability and Versatility: Piaggio vehicles in India are renowned for their quality, reliability, productivity, and adaptability to various applications.

Key Features

Are you ready to experience a new era of rickshaw transportation? Look no further than the Piaggio CNG Rickshaw – a powerhouse of innovation, and efficiency. Here's everything you need to know about this exceptional vehicle:

  • Engine Excellence( Type): Powered by a Forced Air Cooled Engine, the Piaggio CNG Rickshaw delivers robust performance with optimal cooling, ensuring that your rides remain smooth and reliable.
  • Clutch Type: Featuring a multi-plate wet Type Clutch, the Piaggio CNG Rickshaw ensures seamless gear shifting and a comfortable driving experience.
  • Gear Box: The Constant Mesh Gear Box with 4 Forward and 1 Reverse gear offers you precise control, making every journey enjoyable.
  • Smooth Suspension: Equipped with a Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber with a Helical Compression Spring and dampener, the Piaggio CNG Rickshaw guarantees a comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads.
  • Effortless Steering: The Handle Bar Type steering ensures easy manoeuvrability, allowing you to navigate tight corners and crowded streets effortlessly.
  • Safety and Reliability: Piaggio CNG Rickshaw comes with a Drum Brake Hydraulically Actuated Internal Expanding Shoe Type, providing reliable stopping power when you need it most.
  • Performance You Can Trust: Enjoy a remarkable Maximum Gradeability of 24%, allowing you to handle steep slopes and challenging terrains with ease.
  • Fuel Efficiency: With a CNG tank capacity of 40 litres and a petrol capacity of 2.8 litres, you have the flexibility to choose the fuel that suits your needs.
  • Maximum Speed: Reach a top speed of 60 km/h, ensuring you can keep up with the pace of city life.
  • Join us in embracing this eco-friendly solution and experience the difference for yourself. Make Piaggio your choice for a sustainable, comfortable, and reliable ride.

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