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Saarthi Star

Saarthi Star

Saarthi star is a vehicle of new India. Playing its role in making our cities pollution-free.

From man-pulled rickshaws to electric rikshaws, this transformation has a long story to tell about the revolution of rickshaws and our country.

As our nation is heading toward becoming a developed nation, our research and development sectors are playing a crucial role in leading India with new innovations, and Saarthi Star is one of these new ideas that is helping India become even better.

About Saarthi E-Rikshaw

The Saarthi Star 3 wheeler e rickshaw, with a 50 km/h top speed, is favoured above its fuel-based rivals due to its emission-free and environmentally beneficial driving mode.

This passenger e-rickshaw is available in a standard size. The vehicle's open design allows for a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, and it is highly regarded for its noiseless performance, jerk-free riding experience, and spacious seating.

The Saarthi Star also features a canopy or roof that shields passengers from the sun's UV rays and rain. It's highly regarded for its environmentally friendly design.

Saarthi Star
  • Type: AC Motor
  • Max Power: 1200 Watts
  • Max Speed 50 km/h
  • Max Load 350 kg
  • Front Disk Brake
  • Rear Disk Brake
Body Material
  • MS Steel
  • 1+4 , 1+3 Both Available
  • 3000 Watts
  • Front Alloy
  • Rear Alloy
  • 135 AH 60V LITHIUM
  • Wheel Base 1980 Mm
  • Width 1300 Mm
  • Length 2600 Mm
  • Height 1750 Mm
  • Type 30 Amp
  • Charging Time 4-5 Hours

Why Choose Saarthi Star?

  • Powerful 1200 Watts AC Motor: Saarthi Star is equipped with a powerful 1200 Watts AC motor that can easily handle city traffic and highway driving.
  • Both Disk Brakes: Safety is a top priority with the Saarthi Star, as it features both front and rear disk brakes. This dual-disc brake system provides superior stopping power, ensuring your safety on the road, whether in busy city traffic or on the highway.
  • MS Steel Vehicle Body Material: Saarthi Star has a sturdy MS steel vehicle body that can withstand minor bumps and collisions.
  • 1+4, 1+3 Passenger Capacity: Versatility is a crucial feature of the Saarthi Star, offering configurations for both 1+4 and 1+3 passengers. Whether you're travelling with family or riding solo, the Saarthi Star can accommodate your needs.
  • All Alloy Rim Front / Rear: Comes with all alloy rims for a sporty look and improved durability.
  • 135 AH 60V Battery: Equipped with a 135 AH 60V battery, the Saarthi Star offers impressive range and performance. This advanced battery technology ensures that your e-rickshaw can keep up with your daily commuting needs.
  • Dimensions 2600X1300X1750 (mm): Saarthi Star has compact dimensions that make it easy to manoeuvre in crowded city streets.
  • Wheel Base 1980 (mm): A longer wheelbase on the Saarthi Star provides stability and improved handling, contributing to a comfortable and secure ride.
  • Charge Time 4-5 Hours: Recharging your Saarthi Star is quick and convenient, taking only 4-5 hours using a standard household outlet. This means that you won't have to wait as long.
  • Maximum Speed 50 km/h: With a top speed of 50 km/h, the Saarthi E Rickshaw is well-suited for city and suburban driving. It offers the perfect balance of speed and safety for your daily commute.
  • Maximum Load 350 kg: Saarthi Star has a maximum load capacity of 350 kg, allowing you to carry passengers and cargo easily.
  • 30 Amp Charger: It has a 30 amp charger for fast and efficient charging. Saarthi Star is an excellent choice for a powerful, efficient, and versatile electric vehicle.

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