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Debunking Common Myths About E-rickshaw Battery Wala In Chandigarh

E Rickshaw Battery Wala in Chandigarh

Battery-operated rickshaws are becoming a popular means of short-distance travel. Its market sector seems promising as it is rising at a rapid rate. However many people might feel hesitant when it comes to investing in electric rickshaws.

There are myths about electric rickshaws that people might assume are true. Believing false assumptions can put doubts in their mind regarding the reliability of e-rickshaws.

So, in this blog, we will bust the myths that revolve around the battery-operated rickshaw clearly.

Cracking 5 Common Myths About E-rickshaws

  1. Complex to handle
  2. Many assume that electric rickshaws are complex to operate and maintain. This is mainly because people usually think that the latest technology is complicated. But actually, e-rickshaws are easy to operate and maintain. After charging for a few hours the e-rickshaw will run for a long duration. The maintenance is quite affordable because of its few moving parts.

  3. Damage due to waterlogging
  4. One of the most common misconceptions about battery-operated rickshaws is that moisture can easily damage them. Most E-rickshaws consist of batteries that have an IP67 rating. This rating on e-rickshaws means that they won’t get damaged by being in contact with water for some time. Also, the battery has multiple protection layers, which prevent the ingress of water. So, we can say that during the monsoon season, you don’t have to worry about the water damage that can happen to electric rickshaws.

  5. E-rickshaws are costly
  6. The cost of acquiring an electric rickshaw is a bit more than gasoline operated autos. However this one investment will later save a lot of your money in the future. How? The reason being that as these three-wheelers operate on the battery, you don’t need to worry about the rising prices of petrol or diesel. Moreover, the electric rikshas are built with a lot of care, so with proper maintenance, they won’t require frequent visits to the service station. Additionally, one thing that you can do to stay within your budget is to do proper research. By browsing for E Rickshaw Price in Mohali and Chandigarh, you will come across many brands. Make a list, do a comparison, and at least choose the one that fulfils your requirements while being under your budget.

  7. Few models to pick from
  8. Electric rickshaws have come into existence recently, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a variety. There are a lot of models in e-rickshaws that are available that have come with their own unique features. And the best part about the various models of electric rickshaws? They all come in modern and stylish designs.

  9. Electric rickshaws are slow
  10. The battery-operated rickshaws are not sluggish but rather provide great acceleration. Many of these three-wheelers can cover up to 100 km easily after being optimally charged. The e-riksha’s motor provides instant torque to the vehicle, resulting in instant acceleration.

Now that we know that the myths about electric rickshaws are not true, you can, without any hesitation, invest in them. While looking for E Rickshaw Battery Wala in Chandigarh you should know about certain things. Let us see what you need to keep in mind before starting your search for an e-rickshaw so that you are able to acquire the perfect one without any hassle:

Factors To Keep In Mind While Looking For An Electric Rickshaw

  • ICAT approval: The most crucial thing you need to check before purchasing an electric riksha model is that the Indian Centre for Automotive Technology approves it. The approval from ICAT means that the particular e-rickshaw is safe to drive and is of high quality.
  • Payment options: If you are someone with a constrained budget then look for a company that provides flexibility in the payment. Purchasing an electric riksha from a company that provides EMI options will not shake up your bank balance. You can, with a reasonable amount of downpayment, get the battery-operated rickshaw and pay the remaining amount in instalments.
  • Reputable e-rickshaw dealer: Choose a company that can provide assurance in their vehicles. You can ensure whether the electric rickshaw provider you are choosing is reliable by checking the previous customer’s reviews.

Now that you know that the common conceptions about e-rickshaws are not true and how you can successfully invest in them, there is no time to waste. You can get the electric rickshaw that elevates your livelihood by contacting us now.

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