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Electric Rickshaw: The Vehicle That Can Fulfill Your Dreams


Hey, are you planning to buy an electric rickshaw in Chandigarh? But not sure about the price.
If you say yes, you are at the right place; we will discuss the craze of electric rickshaws and the price list based on various factors.
So, let’s start!

The Craze of Electric Rickshaw

The craze of electric rickshaws is known to everyone; it is popular in every state and city in India.
But the demand is quite high if we talk about Chandigarh and nearby areas. As per the stats, by 2023, 10,000 rickshaws were running in Chandigarh, and if we talk about nearby areas like Mohali, Zirakpur, and Manimajra the numbers are higher.
Chandigarh city is known as a green and clean city, which is why the authority is promoting the use of E rickshaws.
If we see the roads, you will see electric rickshaws ruling the roads, making local travel easy, and affordable.
So, this is the right time to start your search for E Rickshaw Price in Chandigarh.
Make sure the rickshaw you choose comes under your budget, and in case it is a bit out of your budget but you think it is best for you, you can ask your dealer how they can help you with finances.
Because several dealers help their customers with finance offers and easy EMI options.

Choose the Ideal Electric Rickshaw Model

If you are trying to make up your mind to buy electric rickshaws, here comes the most important task that took a lot of time: Choosing the ideal electric rickshaw model.
There are a number of electric rickshaws available on the market, and a few of the best are listed below:

  • Mayuri
  • Mahindra Treo
  • Piaggio Ape E City
  • Kinetic Green
  • Bajaj electric rickshaw

Now we are aware of the top electric rickshaw brands in Chandigarh, let’s explore the price list and the features of these brands, so that it will be easy to decide.

Price and Features Comparison:

To help you choose the best fit, it’s important to consider both price and features. Here’s a general idea (manufacturers may have different models with varying specifications):

Brand Starting Price  Features
Mayuri ₹1.02 Lakh Budget-friendly, basic features
Mahindra Tre ₹2.98 Lakh Durable, good performance
Piaggio Ape E City  ₹1.95 Lakh Comfortable, spacious, premium features
Kinetic Green ₹1.52 Lakh Known for efficiency and eco-friendliness
Baja Electric Rickshaw  ₹3.07 Lakh Reliable, established service network

The above-listed prices are for basic models; if you want more detailed information, you can visit your nearby dealer. They will explain things in more detail to you.

Next Steps:

  • Research further: Explore the official websites or authorized dealerships of these brands to get specific details on price variations, features, and warranty options for each model.
  • Consider your needs: Think about your budget, passenger capacity requirement, desired range, and preferred features to narrow down your choices.
  • Test drive: If possible, schedule a test drive to experience the rickshaw firsthand before making a final decision.
  • By considering these factors, you’ll be well-equipped to select the perfect electric rickshaw for your needs in Chandigarh!

Summary: If you are looking forward to starting something of your own that too in the contract budget, buying an Elean citric rickshaw will be the best option.

We have listed the best option for you above. We have also listed the prices of different models, and we hope this will help you make the right decision.
If you cannot decide and are looking for professional assistance to get help find the E Rickshaw Price in Mohali, contact our experts at Krishna Electric Vehicle.
We have been in the market for years now, and our experts have helped many buy the ideal model per their needs and budget.

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