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Why are Battery Rickshaws in Chandigarh Becoming a Popular Choice?

Electric rickshaws are replacing traditional autos at a rapid rate. The gasoline-operated autos have been part of the city for years, but now the scenario is different. But what’s the reason behind this change in Tricity?

People looking for a way to become independent choose e-riksha because of its advantages over traditional auto. The electric rickshaw allows one to make profits without compromising on sustainability.

If you are curious to know why electric rickshaw demand is rising, then you are at the right place. We will discuss the drawbacks of regular autos and how e-rikshaw is fulfilling those shortcomings.

So keep on reading further to know more.

Reasons Behind Failure Of Auto Rickshaws

In India, buses and trains can’t go to every street and corner. So, cycle rickshaws became a popular way to travel short distances in the era of 1940s. However, the pulley rickshaws were not great to operate as one had to use a lot of strength. So, the cycle rickshaw was soon replaced by gasoline-operated autos. For many years, regular autos stayed on the roads, but now they are incapable of meeting today’s demand. Let us see why traditional auto fails to deliver optimum performance in today’s times:

  • Inability to increase income:

    Traditional rickshaws have given employment to a lot of people. However, the vehicle is no longer a means to earn a good income. This is because inflation has made fuel pricey. If one person has to spend a lot of money on diesel/petrol, then a minimal amount would be left behind, which is not enough.

  • Contribution to pollution:

    Regular automobiles add to the degradation of the environment in two ways. First, the engine makes a lot of noise, which is irritating. Also, it contributes to noise pollution. Second, the auto emits carbon monoxide and dioxide, polluting the air.

  • Discomfort to passengers and drivers:

    The journey on a regular auto is not good. It is because the vehicle makes a lot of noise, emits harmful gasses and vibrates while functioning. All these factors can put passengers and drivers in great discomfort.

The above points depict the failure of traditional auto. There was a need for an innovation that could solve these problems. In the quest of finding an ideal solution, the battery operated rickshaws in chandigarh came into existence.

Revolution in Mobility with Electric Rickshaw

The electric rickshaw idea began in the 1990s at the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute. However, electric rickshaws started operating in 2011. As the vehicle was new, no regulations existed for owning and driving it. Also, people raised safety concerns. So soon, the e-rickshaws were discontinued in 2014. But in 2015, the Indian Parliament passed a bill legalising battery-operated three-wheelers. After legalisation, the e-rickshaw market’s growth rose in India, including Chandigarh.

Let us see some reasons behind the fame of electric tuk-tuks:

  • Promoting sustainability:

    The electric rickshaw runs on battery, emitting no harmful gases. Also, as it does not run on gasoline, there is no chance of combustion, making it a safe vehicle.

  • Boosting livelihood:

    The battery-operated rickshaw can potentially raise the standard of living. The reason is that as it runs on battery, one saves money that would be spent on fuel. Also, if you own an electric rickshaw, you don’t need to worry about battery change. If kept in good condition, the battery will last up to 2-3 years.

  • Perfect design for enhanced driving experience:

    The e-rickshaw is a smart vehicle as it operates silently without vibrating. Its sleek frame makes it easy for the driver to handle the vehicle. So, it is perfect for you if you plan on driving for long durations.

Conclusion: Chandigarh had many developments, and introducing the electric rickshaw was the best. People’s perception of electric rickshaws is positive as the vehicle delivers excellence. If you also want to avail yourself of the optimum performance of electric rickshaw, then you can rely on Krishna Electric Vehicle. Our company offers the best range of electric rickshaws. So you can start by searching for e rickshaw mayuri price in chandigarh to get the top e-rickshaw that fulfills your dreams.

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