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Maintenance 101: Do’s and Don’ts of an Electric Rickshaw

Are you someone planning on buying an electric rickshaw? Or do you already own one?

Then, you must know that an e-rickshaw requires proper maintenance for optimum functioning. The three-wheeler will perform at its best when there are no faults. Now, you must wonder what steps ensure your e-riskha stays in the top position.

The answer lies in taking precautions and measures that help keep the electric rickshaw in perfect condition. If you do not know what actions you need to take, then don’t worry. In this blog, we will discuss how you can take some easy steps to maintain your vehicle. Also, you will find the don’ts of owning e-riksha later.

So keep on reading if you want to take care of your vehicle correctly.

Do’s of Maintaining An E-Rickshaw

The electric rickshaw is battery operated, so its main component, which is the battery, needs utmost care. You can extend the battery’s life by keeping it in an ideal condition. Also, apart from battery care, you should focus on maintaining the overall vehicle.

Here are some tips that highlight what to do to keep the e-riksha in perfect condition:

  • Recharge before the battery depletes completely

    After you come back from driving, make sure to check on battery levels. You should not wait for the battery level to completely deplete to charge it again. Also, it would help if you refrain from charging the battery frequently. Only take your vehicle for a drive when the battery is adequately charged.

  • Use the right charger

    Determining the type of charger you use for your electric rickshaw is crucial. It is best to stick with a charger recommended by the company from which you buy the e-rickshaw.

  • Maintain ideal voltage readings

    The voltage fluctuations can cause degradation of the battery. So, it is vital for you to check out if any unusual changes are occurring in the voltage. You can further maintain an ideal voltage reading by using an SMPS(smart power supply) charger. This charger protects the battery from any damage from voltage fluctuations.

  • Check brake system when required

    Inspecting the brakes for any malfunctioning is essential for being safe during driving. If you feel any ineffectiveness in breaks, immediately take your electric rickshaw to the nearest service centre.

  • Keep the e-riska in clean condition

    Make sure that you do regular cleaning of your battery-operated rickshaw. A tidy e-rickshaw will keep the passengers comfortable. Also, clean mirrors will provide better visibility for you while driving.

  • Take your electric rickshaw to the service centre

    You can prevent any major technical failure in your Electric Rickshaw in Vikas Nagar by taking it to the service centre on time. The best time to take your vehicle to the service station is when you detect any wear or tear. It would be better for you to leave your e-riksha in the hands of experts for repair instead of doing the work yourself.

  • Following all the above tips will ensure that your e-rickshaw stays in supreme condition. We have seen what are the dos of owning an electric riksha. But you must also overlook whether you are making any mistakes that can impact the electric rickshaw’s performance. Improper care can damage the battery and framework of the e-rickshaw. So it is important for you to know what to avoid.

    Let us discuss the don’ts of maintaining your electric rickshaw.

Don’ts of Maintaining An E-Rickshaw

  • Avoid overcharging or full depletion of battery

    Charging your battery to full is unsuitable as it can affect its lifespan. Also, charging only when the battery level fully discharges is not good. So ensure you charge the battery before it reaches zero, but avoid overcharging it.

  • Refrain from rash driving

    Rashly Driving the electric rickshaw can expose it to tyre damage or dents from collision. Harsh driving can also put your and the passenger’s safety at risk. So it is better to keep an average speed when you go around the city.

  • Do not keep the battery in humid condition

    When exposed to a hot and humid atmosphere, the battery can deteriorate. So make sure to keep it in a cool and dry area.

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