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How to Increase the Life of Your Piaggio Ricksha?


Local transportation has always been the most demanding, whether it’s in urban or rural areas.

And when we talk about local transport, how can we not discuss three-wheelers: Rickshaws!

Rickshaws have been part of our society for a very long, but now, with the advancement of time and the need for eco-friendly transportation options, CNG Piaggio Rickshaw has come to life!

Let’s understand Piaggio Rickshaw in Detail.

Piaggio Riksha

Piaggio is a big brand in the rickshaw industry. Even children can identify it by its famous yellow and green colour.
A brand’s popularity can be justified by its quality. Piaggio rickshaws run smoothly for years without requiring significant repairs and maintenance.
You can even extend the lifespan of your rickshaw, which means it can be your trusted employment partner.
Now the question arises: how can you extend the shelf life of the Piaggio riksha
Well, continue reading to get an answer to this question.

Steps to Increase the Lifespan of Your Rickshaw

Taking good care of an E-rickshaw is very important to its success. Proper preservation not only promises peak performance but also a long life. As an electric rickshaw owner, you must prioritise regular maintenance and adhere to best practices to ensure your vehicle’s continued success and reliability.
Moving forward, we will discuss the steps you should follow to prolong the lifespan of your rickshaw:

Proper Care

We all know things last when we use them as per the guidance and carefully. For instance, when you buy a phone, you get advice on how to use it carefully so that it runs for a long time, for instance you are asked not to overcharge your phone or use it while charging; this can impact its battery health. The same is true for your rickshaw; use it with care, and don’t harshly drive through the potholes on the road; it can expose it to tyre damage or dents from collision and more.

Perform Regular self-checks

Frequent inspections are essential to spotting problems early and avoiding expensive replacements or repairs. Examine the engine for indications of corrosion, damage, or loose connections. Make sure the engine’s parts are also corrosion-free and clean. Regular engine performance checks allow you to prevent problems from arising.

Regular Maintenance

Regular and efficient maintenance is pivotal in enhancing your e-rickshaw’s overall performance. That is why routine inspections are recommended to maximise the vehicle’s efficiency. So once you find any issue during the regular inspection, don’t delay by saying the problem is not big or it is not creating any problem, just to save money for that particular time.

The truth is that in the long term, it will be more expensive to repair. So, timely maintenance is crucial. It provides a greater driving range, making your rickshaw more efficient and economical.

Limit Heavy Load

The rickshaw model you have purchased comes with a sitting capacity if it is a passenger rickshaw or a load capacity if it is a loading rickshaw. The moment you start loading more weight, your vehicle slowly and steadily puts more pressure on the engine, which will decrease its life, so make sure you put weight on your vehicle wisely.

Store Properly When not in Use

We often hear the vehicle was not in use for a long time, and now it is not working. No, just that the way you store your vehicle after use is essential; after the day, once you bring the vehicle home, cover it adequately and keep it in a place.

Caring is the best cure for any issue, whether human health or the rickshaw. Above, we tried to provide you with a few steps to help you increase your rickshaw’s shelf life. We hope you remember to keep your vehicles current by following the above-mentioned tips.


Three-wheeler is one of the most affordable and demanding opportunities for those planning for self-employment.
You can choose between Electric Riksha or CNG; both have their benefits you would love.
Whatever option you choose, contact our experts at Krishna Electric Vehicles to get guidance from experts who will be with you through the buying process and make things easy to understand for you!

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