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Reasons You Should Choose Piaggio CNG Over Electric Rickshaws


How many rickshaws do you see running on the streets? Uncountable, right? How many of them are Piaggio Riksha? Your answer would be most of it.
Well, the popularity of Piaggio is undeniable; it is a brand that people trust when it comes to investing.
So, if you are also planning to buy a rickshaw to start your journey toward a better future, Piaggio is the best option.
Let’s understand about this in detail.

Piaggio Rickshaw

In India, Piaggio is the market leader in the three-wheeler segment. Their models are equipped with robust construction and potent engines that satisfy every criterion of safety. Piaggio three-wheeler models are the optimal option for public transportation and urban transportation operations due to their dependability and accessibility to customers.
Following are the different models of Piaggio Riksha that you can buy:

  • Piaggio Ape City Plus
  • Apé Xtra HD 599 cc diesel
  • Apé Xtra Classic 435 cc diesel
  • Apé Xtra HT
  • Apé Auto 599 cc diesel
  • Apé Auto Classic 435 cc diesel
  • Apé Auto HT CNG

Among all the models, Piaggio Ape City Plus is one of the most popular. Let’s understand this in detail to know why people love it:

Technical Specification


  • Forced Air Cooled Engine
  • Max Power: 6.84 kW (9.17 hp) @ 4700 rpm
  • Max Torque: 17 Nm @ 2300 rpm


  • Clutch Type: Multi Plate Wet Type
  • Gear Box: Constant Mesh
  • Gear: 4 Forward, 1 Reverse


  • Front: Helical Compression Spring with Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber
  • Rear: Hydraulic Telescopic Shock Absorber With Rubber Compression Spring with dampener


  • GVW: 780 kg
  • Kerb Weight: 80 kg
  • Seating Capacity: Driver + 3


  • Maximum Gradeability: 24%
  • Fuel Tank Capacity CNG: 40 Ltr.
  • Maximum Speed: 60 Km/h


  • Handle Bar Type

    • A hydraulically operated drum brake with an internal expanding shoe

    Though the features of Piaggio BSVI Ape City Plus are outstanding, one question might still come to your mind: When electric vehicles revolutionize local travel, why should you pick CNG rickshaw?

    Well, your question is valid; let’s discuss this in detail to get a better understanding.

    Reasons to Choose Piaggio CNG Rickshaw

    While both Piaggio CNG and electric rickshaws offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional rickshaws, Piaggio CNG comes out on top for several reasons:

    • Range and Refueling: Electric rickshaws have a limited range on a single charge, requiring frequent stops for recharging. On the other hand, Piaggio CNG boasts a greater range because the CNG stations are easily available, allowing drivers to travel farther without worrying about running out of power.
    • Faster Refueling: Refilling a CNG tank takes just minutes compared to electric rickshaws, which can take hours to recharge. All you require is to visit your nearby gas station and fill it. It helps minimise downtime and maximise your earning potential.
    • Upfront Cost: Electric rickshaws often have a higher initial price than Piaggio CNG vehicles. While electric rickshaws may save on fuel costs in the long run, the upfront investment can be a significant barrier.
    • Power and Performance: Piaggio CNG offers superior power and performance compared to electric rickshaws. This can be crucial for navigating busy streets or handling inclines.

    In addition to the various factors influencing perceptions of electric vehicles, it’s important to recognize that not everyone holds unwavering trust in this technology. While not universal, this scepticism is significant for a subset of individuals.
    Among them, there is still scepticism about fully adopting electric vehicles. This anxiety is frequently spread by a handful of widely held falsehoods in public discourse. These fallacies, whether about range anxiety, charging infrastructure, or environmental impact, lead to confusion and scepticism among some members of the public.


    Choosing Piaggio Ricksha might completely transform your life. It will provide you with a steady stream of income, which will improve your financial situation.

    So, stop wasting time to reach the aforesaid decision. We have already discussed the rationale for our choice of Piaggio.

    Additionally, you may speak with professionals from Krishna Electric Vehicle for more information about the model and cost. Before making recommendations, they will carefully consider your queries and worries.

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